Adding on to your home can add value to your property. Renovating the space can also make your life easier. However, it’s important to review the physical requirements of such an addition and what the market in your neighborhood will bear.

Is Empty Space More Valuable?

If you only have one bathroom, even adding a half bath can increase your comfort. It can also make your home more marketable. However, adding a great room to your house that wipes out the majority of your yard may not be the best idea. For someone who already owns the biggest house on the block, adding more square footage probably won’t add much to the eventual sale value. If your climate can be enjoyed for multiple seasons of the year, an outdoor living space such as a deck or a sunroom might be a better choice than an enclosed family room.

Heavy Equipment Can Be Dangerous

Digging new footings for an intended addition may mean tearing up your yard. Find out where gas, water and phone lines run before allowing trenching or digging equipment on the property. Make sure your contractor is aware of these lines. It’s possible to put down protective mats to avoid digging deep ruts into your lawn. Landscaping might be able to be protected depending on the kind of mat you use with your gear. Work with your contractor to make sure the digging work isn’t done in extremely dry or extremely wet weather as this can impact the quality of your concrete cure.

Don’t Forget the Garage

If your house doesn’t lend itself to an addition, take a look at your garage. Adding a second story to your garage gives you space for an art studio, a guest room or an apartment. You can save square footage in your yard by putting a much-desired she shed or man cave above the garage instead of building another structure behind the house. Additionally, you will have access to power so you can run air conditioning and heat to the garage addition. If the garage door needs fixing, see what you need to be doing.

Expansions and additions work extremely well in older neighborhoods. If you’re searching for a home you can customize with an addition, look for an established neighborhood with wide lots. Earth-moving equipment will have to be brought in to dig a foundation for your addition, so make sure you have plenty of space. Be ready to take down fencing to get tools such as skid steers and backhoes into the construction area.

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