If you’re like many Americans, as the COVID-19 pandemic stretched forward, it was hard to establish a routine for making sure your home was clean. Now that folks are going to be visiting once again, it can seem like an insurmountable problem to get back into the swing of dusting and cleaning once again. It can be a big frustration for everyone in the family. However, a regular cleaning routine can be a huge help.

Stop Dust Accumulation                       

Dust is more than unsightly. It feeds microscopic dust mites, most of which cause a great deal of allergy reaction to their dander. These tiny pests live everywhere but vacuuming and sweeping up frequently can keep their amounts under control. This can help your allergies significantly! If you have problems with allergies while cleaning, you have medical masks leftover from the pandemic which are perfect for wearing while dusting! According to Molly Maid, microfiber cloths are great for collecting dust and debris and make everything look much cleaner.

Keep Out Pests

Pests happen in lots of homes, but they happen more in homes where good cleaning practices aren’t used. Food needs to not be left in rooms other than the kitchen and must be cleaned up between meals. According to Proterra Pest Control, spills should be wiped up quickly so they don’t attract pests. If you have seen evidence of mice, roaches, or other bugs, it’s important to ask a professional how to protect your home and family from both the allergens they bring, diseases they carry, and to teach you how to get rid of them.


It’s important when cleaning to not feel overwhelmed. It can be easy to discover you have too much furniture to wipe down, too many books to dust which are left unread, and too many knick-knacks. However, according to Pickup Please, if you don’t use it, need it, or love it, why do you have it? There’s no point keeping these extra things around cluttering up your home. Gather up unused items to donate and march them directly to the trunk of your car. It’s easier to wipe counters when they are cleared, and easier to scrub floors if they don’t have much upon them.


Having a regular routine can help your family to not get overwhelmed by having to spend a whole Saturday (or weekend) making the house cleaner. Simplify your cleaning by simplifying your world. Wipe up, dust off, and be ready for those weekend parties!

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