Once the cold winds of winter arrive, you may feel like you need to put off your exterior remodeling projects until spring. However, there are still quite a few projects you can check off your list this winter. This means you can space out your exterior projects so that you don’t feel rushed to complete them during summer. Whether you’re preparing to list your house for sale in the spring or simply looking for ways to care for your beloved home all year-round, here are three projects you can tackle this winter.

Storage Shed

Putting a storage shed in the backyard is an excellent opportunity to protect your tools and equipment from the cold. Leaving your equipment outside during inclement weather can cause it to rust, breakdown and cease functioning properly. A shed is also a great location for storing things you only use occasionally, like holiday decorations and seasonal clothing. Building an outdoor shed lets you clear up space in an overly full garage or indoor closets. This helps you feel more organized and less frustrated when you’re trying to track down specific tools or other things you need.

Stone Driveway

Winter is a tough season for driveways. Repeated freezing and thawing will wear away at the driveway and cause cracks and holes to appear. The only kind of driveway that’s resistant to weather damage is stone driveway paving, which, conveniently, can also be installed during the winter. The Wilson Group advises to use alternative methods of driveway construction in the winter since paving is inadvisable. Installing stone driveway is feasible during winter, and the result will be durable enough to survive many winters to come.

Insulated Front Door

Your home’s front door is the gateway between the building’s exterior and interior. During the winter months, the front is one of the biggest sources of home heat loss, which drives up your energy bills and creates cold drafts. Insulating the front door will keep your home more comfortable during the cold season and keep your heating bills low. Not only will insulating your front door improve your home’s exterior, but it also improves the interior as well.

Your home is your most valuable asset, so you shouldn’t have to put off exterior projects until warm weather. Checking these projects off your list will ensure your home’s exterior has a head start for spring.

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