They say finding the right home is a lot like falling in love, but what if you just can’t find “the one”? Sometimes location, space, price, and design all fall into line for home buyers—but oftentimes they don’t. If you find yourself in this situation, never fear! You still have quite a few options, including the following.

Don’t Rush It

Sometimes the problem is just timing. If you can’t find the right home, it may just not be on the market right now. While people often want to dive right in and move the moment they do things like get a preapproved loan, you still have the option to wait and come back to the housing market later. Even if you don’t, take your time deciding between the options and houses you are looking at. Sitting with a decision is helpful as well, to feel out if you feel good or bad about the house you’re considering instead of rushing headfirst into such an important choice.

Build a Custom Home

Looking for something very specific, like a Victorian style farmhouse with four floors and green efficiency? Maybe your perfect home has too many variables! Even some specifics that seem reasonable aren’t always on the market because they’re so desired. If you don’t think you’ll ever be happy with a house for sale, it’s probably time to consider custom-building your future home. There’s a lot of planning that goes into building a custom home, but that also means there are a lot of needs and wants you can fulfill yourself. With help from professionals and a whole lot of research, the perfect home for you will be right in your hands!

Choose a Fixer-Upper

Last but not least, you can go a hybrid method between custom building and choosing a house from the market! Picking a low-priced home with many fixes but a whole lot of potential requires a good amount of expertise. It is much cheaper than building a home yourself, however, while still helping you end up with a house that you love. Choosing a fixer-upper often involves the Do-It-Yourself method, but you can hire help in various ranges of price depending on how much time and desire you have to learn yourself!


Finding the right house can be frustrating, especially considering this is the biggest purchase most people make over their lifetimes. You want to get it right and be happy in your future home, but that’s easier said than done. Remember all your options and don’t settle!


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