If you’re a homeowner, caring for your floor is something you don’t want to let slip through the cracks. Some types of flooring require a lot more effort to clean and protect than others. Knowing what types of flooring you have in your home and how to care for them is as important as being aware of when to change a furnace filter and when to perform roof repairs. Here are a few tips to help you to make sure you care for them properly.


Solid wood floors need more care than most. They have to be cleaned with a damp cloth (not a soaking mop) and soap or cleaners meant specifically for wood floors. The older they are, the more care they need. This involves knowing how to clean them and using dust mops to remove layers of dust. A light floor wax to protect the wood and prevent it from drying out, cracking and splitting or splintering is a good idea too.

Old carpeting that has not been cleaned professionally at least twice a year is going to look very dirty, ragged and not rescuable. However, a good thorough Carpet Cleaning will remove a lot of the deep-down dirt, grime and smells. Your carpets should look renewed even if they do not look like new.

If the carpets are older than 20 years, replace them. The carpeting is too old and too outdated at that point. New carpeting (or a different type of flooring altogether) refreshes your floors and your home.


Keeping your floors clean and in excellent condition is important to the overall value of your home. This goes beyond just how to clean them. If and when you should ever decide to sell your home, buyers will be more eager to make an offer on your home if they know the floors are original to the house and the flooring (regardless of type) is in excellent condition and will not need repairs or replacing.

Caring for Other Types of Flooring

Tile has become very common in bathrooms. These 12-inch-by-12-inch tiles are snapped in and grouted in place, but they make cleaning easy because a mop and floor soap are all you need. Wood laminate, for the most part, is waterproof, but you should still use a damp mop versus a soaking wet one. According to Carpet Cleaning San Jose, Low-pile carpet needs vacuuming and the rare carpet cleaning.

Your floors are more than just an important structural feature in your home. Caring for them is important to the overall value of your house. Knowing when to replace them when standard means of caring for them is not cutting it is important too.

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