While we may not be able to deck the halls together in person, we can still hang out and have a great time virtually. You don’t need to postpone your annual Christmas merriment. Just take some of our virtual Christmas party ideas while you stay merry and bright!

πŸŽ„ Christmas Party Prep

You may be a computer wizard, but keep in mind that your Aunt Mary might not be. Set up some time to connect with each person attending the party to see if they need help setting up the video platform or have other questions.

Take a bit of time to prepare ahead can lessen the chance for a delay when people arrive at the party and help those who are not as computer savvy feel less anxiety.

Even with preparations ahead of time, be prepared for little things to crop up. Don’t let it stress you. Flow with things, try to keep it light, and have a backup plan.

πŸ’» Top Video Chat Platforms

You are probably a pro at chat programs and video chats, but just in case you need some help, we can recommend three excellent platforms. Whether you choose to use a computer or phone (or both!), these platforms can make hosting a Christmas part a memorable event.

Facebook Messenger

  • You can connect with up to 50 people.
  • Download via Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • You can use your computer’s browser and webcam.


  • Connect with up to 100 people on the free version.
  • You can share your screen. A pretty cool option for playing games.
  • Check out the video below to learn more.


  • Download the app or use your computer’s browser.
  • Set up a Thanksgiving community server.
  • People can pop in and out, share photos, and much more!

During the Thanksgiving holiday, Zoom did an amazing thing for people across the world by allowing a pause on the 40-minute time limit on meetings on the free accounts. Here’s hoping that they do the same thing for the Christmas season!

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🎁 Creative Christmas Party Invitations

Once you’ve chosen the video chat platform you’ll be using, it’s time to send out the invitations to your guests. Be sure to include the theme of the party on the invitation and include any other important information.

You can send your invitation via email or have them printed and sent. Since it is a virtual party, an email invitation is perfectly acceptable. Make it festive!

πŸͺ Yummy Christmas Party Snacks

We know! Part of the fun of a holiday party is getting to indulge in delicious treats. A virtual party does not have to be any different.

As the host of the party, you can put together a box of yummy treats to send ahead. Alternately, consider sending a virtual gift card or have grocery delivery send over some treats.

πŸ† Virtual Christmas Bingo

We’ve created a pretty cool Christmas Bingo template that you can use during your party. The first person to mark five squares in a row is the winner. Consider offering Amazon gift cards to the winners.

We’ve completed a Bingo card for you, but feel free to edit the one we created to add your own flair to the game. Create more than one for multiple games. Email the cards to each person just before the games begin. Click the image for downloading.

πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Want to get everyone moving and create opportunities for laughter? Try a Christmas scavenger hunt. Set a time limit for each hunt and have a plan to break tie check-ins should people arrive back at the same time.

This is a cool way to let people share more about their lives by having them say something about the item they brought back to the party.
  • Winter Coat
  • Christmas Stocking
  • Christmas Sweater
  • Pair of Boots
  • Christmas DVD
  • Christmas Snack
  • All-Time Favorite Gift
  • Tree Ornament
  • Santa
  • Gift Box
  • Bottle of Wine
  • Star

🎢 Christmas Party Music

Keep the vibe alive with a Christmas Party playlist that everyone can enjoy in the background. The awesome thing about a virtual party is that you can still share moments and music without feeling isolated.

Share the playlist below (or make your own) as people “arrive” at the party. Remind everyone to choose a volume that allows them to hear the music without it coming over their mic for others to hear.

πŸŽ„ Happy Holidays from The Wilson Group

Whether you’re throwing your first virtual Christmas party or gathering in person, we wish you a happy and safe holiday season.

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