When you are in the market to buy a new home, many things in your life get more exciting. The premise of having a new space to call your own, perhaps the attributes of living in a new city, and things like the out-of-pocket costs will no doubt be on your mind. With technology having such a driving force in how things are done, it can be a bit difficult to understand and embrace exactly which layers of the human element mesh with finding the buyer the home of their dreams.

Here are a few things that Realtors should definitely be doing for you at any given time during the buying process. The hunt has changed quite a bit as of late, and we wanted to shed some light on the aspects provided by those that truly love what they do, and can be the perfect instrument to help you through to your closing. With houses in a bit of short supply, many in our profession are making the buyer feel a bit rushed, and that is a complaint we sometimes hear about the market in general. Being available, proactive, and a pleasure to work with are all great places to start.

Having a Good Appearance is definitely one of the aspects that clients speak to us about. We have heard stories about instances where real estate agents showed up sweaty in workout clothes, and it makes people more than a little put off. What sometimes happens is that as soon as someone becomes a bit successful, they may feel as if everyone working with them is working exclusively on their time and their time only. To be your prime negotiator, they don’t have to dress like a millionaire, they simply want to convey an image of an approachable and professional being.

One who listens is definitely a key trait for an agent as well. This is a profession that can change at different times during the year, and the agent you work with has to be able to hear your needs and optimum setting to live in. If there is a house that has been on the market for awhile and you have communicated with your agent that it is not the house for you, it can be annoying to have them try to talk you into going back repeatedly, because they know it may sell since no one else is biting at it. Since a house is such an important decision, it really requires an individual that is hearing what you say, and literally “taking it to the bank”.

One who cultivates a big network is a very key trait. The one you ultimately go with does not have to have been with a firm for ten years, if they have moved every few years, it’s a good sign that there is an uptick in demand for their services. One very important thing to mention here is that if they are very young and fresh out of the gate, that can still be awesome! But it takes someone who has a network of appraisers, lenders, inspectors, potential sellers, and title companies to really make your sale go smoothly. The reason why is because you don’t want just any old entity when it comes to these : having their advice in mind will be essential.

You want to feel your Realtor’s hustling skills. There is nothing greater than waking up at the beginning of a day if you are looking to buy, and have a new strategy, or new listings waiting for you. An exciting suggestion to meet up with a brainstorm they have, hearing about a conversation regarding a home that may soon hit the market, or a new comparison of a few properties you may have already looked at. Having your real estate agent be the one that contacts you instead of having to chase them down is what is going to make you feel covered, and with someone in your corner.

Being on the ball once an offer is on the table is just as important as gleaning listings, asking what buyers really want in a home, and being an all-around presentable individual. It is all-important that your preferred agent knows exactly how to proceed when it is time to make an offer, and that they are easy to reach if anything changes. Issues that come up such as who makes repairs, what happens with personal property or chattel, and easements on the lot will all be handled by an agent who is very astute and alert once the offer is in place.

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