As your local professionals that can help you through the hurdles of a home purchase or sale, we know all too well that the time between November and February is considered the true “Down sector” of the market. While the thought of putting your home up for sale during this time may make you shiver even more than the cold temperatures outside, there really are some advantages that pop up during the season of egg nog and elevated holiday spirit. Especially if a decision has been made to move to another city or relocate for school, you now know that moving is imperative, and it’s time to roll up your winter sweater sleeves and follow suit. Here are some tips to help you make sure that your home moves rapidly off the market during the season of sledding and stunningly wrapped gifts.

Thoughts regarding décor: Many people think that homes appear at their absolute best during the holidays, but it can be a matter of personal opinion. Some decorations that go a bit over the top may distract buyers, and not leave them with a feel of what the home is like during the rest of the year. Any religious themes are also something to be wary about, as the global marketplace is a vast one.

tips-for-selling-your-home-during-holidays-0001We help you seek truly motivated buyers. Anyone who is searching for a new place to live during the holidays is going to have a very pressing reason to move. We have experience hunting out those who may be grad students, other investors with deadlines regarding taxes, and know where to find people in the pool of those relocating to Richmond. A motivated buyer is of the essence during this time of year, and they will still be thrilled to move in while the snow slowly falls.

Make sure it is priced to sell. If the home is priced to move quickly, any buyer that looks at it will be sure to take notice. Rather than making price reductions that are gradual, some real estate agents advise their sellers to make a huge price slash in the beginning, possibly causing them to forfeit some valuable income. For people who have been living in a home for decades and are now ready for a profit upon the sale, this is the reason why the holidays seem questionable to some in the first place; but we can help you through these hurdles.

tips-for-selling-your-home-during-holidays-0004Prioritize your curb appeal: Sometimes this is a difficult season to make sure that the home looks great when you show it. Snow and leaves are constantly piling up, and safety becomes an issue as many are coming up the walkway during showings. When the trees become bare, the appearance of the home becomes very noticeable, and potential buyers can really notice elements such as lack of paint. Cleaning the gutters and making sure that the yard is properly spruced up are two big ways to assure that potential buyers are liking what they see.

tips-for-selling-your-home-during-holidays-0002Put extra effort into photography. During this season more than ever, people are beginning their house hunting from a very comfortable inside home, and well-staged photographs will make a huge difference. Iphones do provide very high-res images, but it can be best to use a professional who uses a 20 Megapixel or up camera. Snapping real estate photos hastily is not something that will get you very far ahead in the listing process, and needs special attention during the holidays.

Encourage buyers to spend time in the home. Make sure the heat is set at a comfortable level, offer treats that you made yourself, and have some soft music on that encourages people to stick around. Even if the home may not be staged to perfection, having it look and feel as if they would want it to when they are planning on escaping from the cold.

tips-for-selling-your-home-during-holidays-0099Try to focus on being as calm as you can. If something does go awry and you aren’t able to make the sale, you will still have the coming new year to do so. As soon as January hits, a financial reset button of sorts is pressed in many ways, and people start to look into the future and focusing on their goals. Homeownership is almost always one of these goals, and many people may come banging your door down even if December was slow. If time is of the essence, we are here to provide you all of the support you could ever want, and will make it a point to keep you informed on a daily basis. The holidays are a time that needs to be enjoyed, and here at the Wilson Group, we will see to it that cheer comes to you and your family with proper closing documents!

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