Know someone who is a new homeowner this Christmas? See what we recommend in The Wilson Group’s New Homeowner Gift Spotlight guide for 2019.

If you’re trying to come up with the perfect Christmas gift for a new homeowner this year, we can help! We’ve picked our favorites and put together The Wilson Group’s New Homeowner Gift Spotlight guide for you!

🍞 SMEG Retro Toaster

We are amazed and smitten by the retro toaster by SMEG. The toaster’s streamlined look gives off the Leave it to Beaver vibe in an old-fashioned but never boring way.

The small appliance comes in seven different colors and features a powder-coated steel body, stainless steel ball lever knob, and a backlit chrome knob. There are three pre-set programs and six browning levels. It’s the perfect gift for someone who loves the look of retro years.

🎯 Pottery Barn’s Dartboard Set

Another perfect addition to the family room is this very-well crafted dartboard set from Pottery Barn. The case is made of poplar wood, MDF, and veneer, with a black painted finish and comes complete with six stainless steel darts.

In an age where entertainment is so rapidly being presented to the homeowner in a digital or streaming format, we have become quite hopelessly glued to smartphones and remotes. This gift will encourage friendly competition and gives you the perfect opportunity to have some stand-up fun during the cold months.

🐶 Petnet Smartfeeder

The Petnet Smartfeeder is one of the coolest gadgets for a new home that we have seen yet. You simply use your smartphone device to manage feeding times, portion sizes, ingredients that are healthy, and even delivery of the food itself.

There is capacity for 5-7 lbs of food, a machine-washable food hopper, and a beautiful stainless steel bowl. With it comes the SmartFeeder, a charging cable, and user guide. Portions are measured based on the pet’s age, weight, and level of activity.

Petnet SmartFeeder –

🥃 LED Liquor Shelf

The LED Liquor Shelf will be an awesome addition to anyone’s dwelling that loves to entertain. Constructed by award-winning Armana Productions, this is a very cool fixture for any bar or entertaining area. What really won us over was all of the different lighting options: color fading, brightness, flashing, and the ability to add custom colors are all available within this gadget.

The LED strips it uses are rated for 50,000+ hours of use, and everything is controlled by a single remote. It comfortably holds 4-6 bottles, and we have not seen any cooler way to make your house drinking area look a bit like “Blade Runner” meets “Avatar.”

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The Wilson Group's New Homeowner Gift Spotlight [2019]
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The Wilson Group's New Homeowner Gift Spotlight [2019]
Know someone who is a new homeowner this Christmas? See what we recommend in The Wilson Group's New Homeowner Gift Spotlight guide for 2019.
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