A classic Christmas movie can get everyone in the spirit of the season. Check out The Wilson Group’s Holiday Entertainment Roundup for 2020!

When the nights are cold and everyone at the office is tired from the activities of the day, you may find us settled in at home with a great movie. We took a survey of favorite movies to watch during the holiday season, and we came up with The Wilson Group’s Holiday Entertainment Roundup for 2020!


✨ Sleepless in Seattle

The 1993 comedy starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan is set in the Pacific Northwest before it became increasingly inhabited. The scenery is one of the pleasures of this movie. You’ll feel like you’re the one living on the wharf and desperately looking for love.

Movie Summary

Sam Baldwin, a Chicago architect, loses his wife to cancer and decides to move to Seattle in an effort to plant new roots. The movie entwines interesting elements on the use of technology for meeting people when Baldwin goes on a radio show and shares that he is lonely.

This phone call with the radio show sets in motion a long-distance connection with Annie Reed (Ryan), who suggests that they meet on top of the Empire State Building for Valentine’s Day. Many people forget that this movie begins during the Christmas season.

✨ Scrooged

This 1988 spin on a classic tale is still one of the best choices when it comes to curling up for holiday DVD viewing. Producer Richard Donner had amazing credits such as Superman and Lethal Weapon under his belt and set out to capture his vision of a different kind of Christmas movie.

Movie Summary

Bill Murray is a cocky and arrogant television network executive that has little regard for others. The fun begins when he begins to experience the same situations that Scrooge endured during the original Christmas Carol.

Offering up themes such as homeless shelter support and the results of enduring emotionless parenting, the movie explores serious topics in way that entertains and reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas.

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✨ The Santa Clause

The Santa Clause does an incredible job of stoking the imagination of viewers as they try to put themselves in the main character’s shoes and wonder how they would handle taking of Santa’s job. The stellar soundtrack that includes songs like Santa Claus is Coming to Town and The Bells of Christmas add to the charm of this movie.

Movie Summary

This is the first in a highly underrated trilogy that stars Tim Allen as an ordinary character that has a dire accident during the most festive time of year. He mistakenly causes Santa to fall on Christmas Eve and is thrust into the task of making the remaining Christmas night gift deliveries. The movie touches on the painful trials of being a divorced father and how much people want peace during the holidays.

✨ Gremlins

This awesome 1984 classic is loaded with fun! We love that you can feel the angst of the time period and catch elements of acting and set designs that were popular in movies like The Karate Kid and The Breakfast Club. Though not fairy tale, traditional holiday entertainment, this movie provides a good dose of dark humor for the holiday season.

Take a shot of egg nog each time the villains take the lead.

Movie Summary

A young man receives a mysterious pet during the holidays, but he does not know that it will reproduce into very sinister little creatures. The creatures spawn when water is poured over their backs. Keep in mind that this movie was criticized for having some violent sequences, so preview before viewing with younger audiences.

The Wilson Group's Holiday Entertainment Roundup [2019]
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The Wilson Group's Holiday Entertainment Roundup [2019]
A classic Christmas movie can get everyone in the spirit of the season. Check out The Wilson Group's Holiday Entertainment Roundup for 2019!
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