tech savvy realtor 004There are still many real estate brokerages in America in which if an offer comes in, someone runs it to the office on paper, signatures are needed, and the seller may even wait a full 24 hours to get the word that an offer has been placed. There are a few different reasons for this, and some of them have to do with the size of the market. Some cities still exist, perhaps on up to a population size of around 60,000, that you can still do business like this. They don’t even see it as moving at a slow pace: offers do get submitted, closings and inspections occur, and homes DO get sold for asking price.

tech savvy realtor 0005However, right around 2010, the game had already changed, just due to the sheer number of agents that began to respond by text, and the auto sig feature that many could incorporate onto a tablet. The vital documents were still there, but the transaction suddenly lost a lot of hassle. Formal offers eventually needed to slip under the broker’s door perhaps, but once the listing agent became very wired to the web, things moved quicker. Counter offers with very viable and official terms were still able to be sent very quickly, and that’s even before virtual tours became a full-blown thing.

tech savvy realtor 000011For an agency to be successful in this market, having every angle of technology covered is essential. You can be doing massive social media marketing, pay-per-click strategies, virtual tours, and still come up with the usual problems in the day-to-day of your business. One thing that the Wilson Group really takes to heart when operating on a day-to-day basis is instant notifications of online inquiries. Once you have aligned your search criteria, the databases are going to link up magically, and send you updates on homes just now coming on the market that you would be interested in.

tech savvy realtor 0000444One of the most important aspects of being on top of everything that technology allows today is not just the speed, but the accuracy at which it can affect the buyer and seller. As camera tours have become more 3 dimensional, the seller of a home may be able to entice a buyer without a showing. It hasn’t taken off to what it truly will in the very near future, but soon, many offers will be made to the listing agent without a showing. We know that the showing is the heart and soul of what motivates the buyer, but in the near future, many may need to be equipped to make an offer even quicker than they have to now.

tech savvy realtor 00007In a city like ours, embracing everything that technology has to offer is crucial. Many do it well, but you have to have a staff that is dedicated, loyal, and committed to learning every technical update they can, the customer is bound to be happier. There are still a few agents scattered around that want to base their marketing efforts on newsletters that are printed on paper, and this is admirable, because relationships are still built on a handshake and a smile. We proudly have been making sure we are as tech-savvy as can be for years now, and want to use this knowledge to make sure that you find your next home right here in Richmond, sooner than later.

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