Yay! Spring is finally here!—the flowers are blooming, a wonderful scent fills the air, the warm summer months are soon to arrive, and…uh oh…what happened here!? Ring a bell? Winter is not usually kind, especially to people’s homes and yards. That is why now is the best time to take care of the following repairs.

Trim Your Trees

After a long fall and winter, it is probably time to do some tree maintenance. It will be really important that you trim overhanging branches to mitigate threat of damage to your property. And not only that, trimming your trees fosters growth and strength, improving your trees’ ability to flower and fruit more. According to Davey, unhealthy trees are more susceptible to infestation or disease, making them a major hazard on your property (nobody likes taking care of a damaged roof from a falling tree).

Roof Leaks

Thanks to winter snows and freezing temperatures, according to Scudder Roofing, it is likely that water seeped into the cracks and crevices of your roof, expanded when it froze, and then damaged parts of your roof—creating leaks in the process. With spring showers, melting snow, and early summer storms, you will want to get those areas repaired as soon as possible to minimize the chance of flooding, rust, or other types of water damage.

It is not recommended to do this yourself. You will probably want to hire a roof inspector to come examine your roof for you. That way, no damage—no matter how small—will escape the scrutiny of a professional.

Faulty Sprinkler Systems

Luckily, according to The Sprinkler Guy, fixing a sprinkler head is as easy as replacing the dysfunctional head with the proper one. But what are the signs of a faulty sprinkler system that needs repairs? First, is your sprinkler system even turning on in the first place? If not, the controller probably isn’t working properly due to problems with wiring. You may just need to check for loose wires in the valve box—simple as that!

Second, how is the water coming out of the sprinklers? Are the sprinkler heads stuck or is water shooting like a geyser, or is the water leaking out, creating a swampy marsh of your yard? If any of these are the case, you may have a water pressure problem. Get a pressure reading to decipher the issue and repair accordingly. You may need to enlist help from a professional.

Clean AC Vents

Summer is finally approaching and it’s wonderful—that is, except for that dust and mold accumulating in your air conditioning vents. Before the weather starts getting any hotter, it is probably time for you to clean your HVAC and AC units.

Dust and dirt particles after being unused during the winter months can restrict airflow and cause a lot of problems for your AC. If left uncleaned, your HVAC has to work harder and use more energy to supply your home with cool air—and the neglected dirt is a perfect breeding spot for mold and mildew—both reducing efficiency and air quality. Luckily, you may only need replacement filters, a dust brush, and a vacuum to get your HVAC and AC vents looking spiffy again.

Refinish Hardwood Floors

Noticing new scratches and scuff marks on your hardwood floors thanks to winter’s Christmas decorations or life’s usual wear and tear? Now is the best time to refinish your floors so that they shine as if they are brand new—perfect for entertaining guests during the summer months! Luckily, if you have the motivation (and perhaps a day or two over the weekend), you can refinish your own hardwood floors yourself. Luckily, most local hardware stores rent out buffing equipment for a relatively small expense compared to getting the job done by someone else.

Patchy Lawn

Have you ever tried running around a patchy lawn that has been ill-kept? Yeah—it’s miserable. And no one wants this sort of lawn during the summer when you host get-togethers outside, or when the kids want to throw around a football. If you have a patchy or winter-damaged lawn, it is time to get your yard shipshape.

This is another task that you can do on your own. A lot of the issues in your lawn are probably caused by neglect. Just like trees or a garden, according to True Value Hardware, your grass needs to be maintained and cared for. Make sure that you water it properly, especially during hot summer months. If your dog has left bare spots, use gypsum and water on the trouble area before planting new grass seeds. Be sure to aerate it and spray herbicide to kill weeds. Your lawn will be in tiptop shape before you know it!


Do you have a couple doors that are sagging or sticking? Or what about that draft that’s been sneaking in? Fortunately, it is super easy to solve all these issues, DIY style—just look it up online. Pay special attention to any doors that lead to the outside. Weather can wear down the weather stripping, letting hot air into your home, impairing the efficiency of your AC system. And no one wants to pay extra money on their next bill over an issue that is easily resolvable.

Spring is a wonderful time of rebirth and renewal! Give your property the rebirth and renewal it needs. This will enable you and your family to enjoy a wonderful spring and summer, complete with a beautiful lawn and a comfortable home.

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