In today’s competitive real estate market, sellers need to make sure their homes look as good as possible. Professionals often use the term “curb appeal” to emphasize how important first impressions are to prospective buyers. If your home has landscaping issues that need attention, take the time and expense to bring the property up to its full potential. In fact, surveys have shown that people in the market for a new home place more importance on aesthetic qualities, like landscaping and overall upkeep, than on selling price. That means that you can add a lot to your bottom line by doing things like selecting the best plants for your yard, putting in high-quality artificial grass, and placing written labels on plants.

Deliberate Plant Selection

Careful choice of the plants you put in your yard can have a direct impact on a home’s sale price, industry surveys have shown. That means that you should think strategically about the types of plants you buy and exactly where you position them in the yard. Experienced real estate professionals who fix up properties on a regular basis advise placing aromatic peonies near entrances to add both color and fragrance. Another perfect addition for any lawn is verbena, which can go all around the base of a home. The flowering hybrid and other low-maintenance plants are perfect for sprucing up any for-sale property.

Install Artificial Grass

Choosing the right artificial grass can make a big difference in the overall look of the property. Quality synthetic grass is durable, looks amazing for years, and has the added benefit of a positive environmental impact. Not only will you notice decreased water expenses as soon as you put it in, but you’ll also discover that artificial grass is relatively maintenance-free.

Artificial grass has the power to make any home look amazing. You need to remember to trim nearby hedges and regularly use a leaf blower to keep the surface clean. It’s also important to apply weed killer so that unsightly plants don’t crop up in places they shouldn’t. Have a professional recommend two or three different products that will make your lawn look great. Done properly, this job can have a significant impact on a home’s sale price.

Label Every Plant

It might seem like a small thing, but placing small labels on every plant in your yard shows prospective buyers that you are serious about property maintenance and greenery. If possible, leave a written list of all the plants on a laminated sheet of paper so that visitors can see all the information in one handy place when they take a home tour.Β 

Of course, top-notch landscaping is not a guarantee that your house will sell tomorrow at the initial asking price. But, real estate professionals know from experience that when a property looks good, has attractive plants in the yard, and features artificial grass and botanical labels, home shoppers are much more likely to get into a buying mood. When it comes to selling a home, never underestimate the power of smart landscaping.

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