The Cash Flow Quadrant

The Cash Flow Quadrant was invented by Robert T. Kiyosaki and is a guide to financial freedom. It basically says, that you should try to change sites from employee and self-employed to big business (500 employees) and/or investor.

What is financial freedom?

Economic independence means that your life costs can be covered by a passive income. Passive income comes not through work, but through wealth. 

If you want to gain passive income, you have to change the standard game, everyone is playing. Instead of getting crocodiles in form of leasing a car or consumption debts, which will eat you alive, try to buy cows like stocks, bonds, funds, pieces of companies and of course real estate in Richmond,Va. You will get the milk in form of return on investment, interest rates, rent or dividend payout. As soon as more healthy cows stand in your cowshed, no one will ever say again, what you need to do.

Economic independence doesn’t need a million dollars. You just need the 20x to 25x times your annual expenses.

For example: If you spend 30.000 $ a year, then you will need 600.000 $ to 750.000$.

This easy mathematical calculation is reachable at a realistic time period, provided that you work hard and life economical. If you save 700$ to an average return on investment of 8 %, then you will reach this goal after 25 years. If you start at 25 years, you will reach economical freedom with 50 years. If you save up to 800$ or 1000$ on a monthly base, with a low return on investment, you will reach the goal of economical freedom after 20 years.

Anoter good thing beside saving, is renting of real estate in Richmond,Va

To acquire a real estate in Richmond,Va you should have at least 20 – 30 % of the purchase price. If you make a down payment of ten little apartments and rent it out, you will reach economic independence, when the tenants pay of your bank loan. This usually takes 20 years, when it is a good real estate.

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