If you are house shopping, there is nothing more important to you than purchasing a home in a good neighborhood. Although it can seem a bit hit-and-miss, some pointers can better help you determine that the homes you are targeting are in a good neighborhood. Consider these strategies as a good starting point:

Ask Current Residents

One good rule of thumb is to fully determine how the current residents feel about the local area. Of course, many of them might speak in glowing terms of the locale, and you should take that into account. How do they feel overall about the area? What do they think is an advantage to living in the area? What do they think is a disadvantage to living in the area? If they paint a good overall picture after you speak with them, it probably is a good neighborhood to buy a house in.

Look at Crime Rates

You also should utilize an online crime mapping service to determine the prevalence of different crimes within the neighborhood. Use this service to look up the percentage of assault, burglary, sexual offenses, robberies, and other crimes. Moreover, it would be a good idea for you to determine the exact amount of sex offenders that live within a certain radius of the home that you are considering purchasing. Aside from those types of offenses, you should also determine the level of illegal drug use in the area. If you see high rates of drug-related crimes, then you may want to avoid the area or at least run meth testing on the property. Even if there are no longer drug users nearby, previous use of meth can cause contamination on a property.ย 

2 Car Garage with a Community Pool

Is it Family Friendly?

Finally, this might seem like a minor detail, but if you take a drive around the neighborhood and see children playing outside and riding their bikes, it could be a good sign. As Community Playthings states, outdoor play is critical for the emotional and social development of young children. If parents already living in the community feel safe to let kids run free, that will give you some indication about the reputation of the safety of the neighborhood.

There is no question that it is imperative to buy a home in a safe neighborhood. Thatโ€™s one of the many reasons weโ€™re always working to supply you with a steady diet of actionable real estate advice. If you follow these tips, you are sure to find a house in a stable and enjoyable area.

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