Why this step is important

The easiest way to become a real estate millionaire in a short period of time is:

Find a valuable real estate with The Wilson Group in Richmond, Va and get the payment from the bank. Nevertheless, banks usually want a big portion of equity at the beginning. It is true that full financing (purchase price plus additional costs) is possible, but you get that more often, when you show up with equity.

Therefore, it is essential important, that you strategically work out, how you build your equity capital and investment capital. A real estate expert said once: “Cash rules” (it has a high power).

The Wilson Group will give you an advice, how you can double your cash in a short time. The disadvantage of this advice is: you can’t do this kind of business without having any cash.

The dream scenario

You have an increased cash flow, that generates you monthly income, covers your costs and an overage.

Besides that, you should have a bold sum on your bank account.

The banks will love you for that. This is the point where you can do real estate business in Richmond,Va.



Own real estate use to build up equity

A real estate investor started at the beginning of his career to buy an urban located 4-room apartment, which was in terrible condition. Because of that, it was attractively priced. No one could even imagine, how it could develop in the future. The financing was relative easy to become. Banks love to finance own property. Equity was not or very little necessary in this case. The advantage was, that he saved the rent for his apartment and the disadvantage was, that he would live very long on a construction site.

Then he began to work with friends, who are craftsmen. Every day after work, they would renovate all rooms. The bathroom was completely new and a wonderful kitchen was implemented.

After a time, he sold the apartment for a very good profit. With the profit, he generated tax free equity.


The Wilson Group is the only real estate partner in Richmond, Virginia you will ever need. We will support you with your real estate desires and together we will find the right real estate in Richmond, Va.





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