Are Old Houses Really Worth the Investment?

Potential homeowners might be tempted to buy an older fixer-upper in order to save a few bucks. Although the prospect can be appealing, there are variables to every situation. Here are a few factors you should consider before taking the plunge.

🏠 Chesterfield & Henrico Counties Market Report February 2020

Welcome to this month’s Chesterfield and Henrico Counties real estate market report, presented to you by The Wilson Group Real Estate Team. Curious about how the housing market performed last month? Are you thinking of buying or selling a home soon? This report will help you understand what is happening in the real estate market currently. Are you … Continued

What You Need to Make the Perfect At-Home Workshop

Your home workshop may be your sanctuary only when well-designed and organized. A spoiled or disarranged workshop will be a jumbled mess with items scattered everywhere impeding your flow of projects. Building an ideal home workshop is the goal of many homeowners who enjoy DIY projects. A perfect workshop is a sanctuary that will kick start your journey toward crafting independence.

Most homeowners build their workshops in their garages. Transforming an existing building is easier than building the garage from the ground up. The following tips will play a vital role in creating a perfect workspace for your projects.

Home Improvement Projects to Do This Spring

Spring weather is a great time for spring cleaning and home improvements. It’s just important to make sure you take into account the unpredictable weather this time of year. Here are some great spring projects to consider if you are ready to work on your home.