Offer a home warranty when selling a home to provide peace of mind to potential buyers and increase your chance of a successful sale. Learn more here.

If you’re like most home sellers, you want to sell your house as quick as possible and receive the highest return on your investment. Providing a home warranty is one way to reach these goals. Let’s take a closer look!

🏘️ Why offer a home warranty?

Most new construction communities offer a home warranty when a buyer purchases a new house. If you want to compete with what new construction homes offer, you’ll want to include a home warranty when selling an established home.

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📃 What is a home warranty?

There’s a difference between a homeowner’s insurance policy and a home warranty. Know the difference so that you can present the correct information to potential buyers.

A home warranty covers the first year that the home is in the hands of the new owner and covers things like major systems and appliances that need to be repaired or replaced. A homeowner’s insurance policy provides financial protection against things like crime, accidents, and weather-related issues.

A homeowner’s insurance policy is mandatory for buyers, but a home warranty is not a requirement. For this reason, adding a home warranty as an incentive is a selling point that offers the new buyer a cushion of comfort in case something goes wrong the first year.

💵 How much does a warranty cost?

We can’t give you precise numbers because of factors that include location and inclusions. We can tell you that most policies cost between $300 and $500 for a year of protection.

Buyers are cautious when it comes to older homes because it’s hard to tell what kind of issues are waiting just below the surface. First time home buyers may prefer a newer home unless the addition of a home warranty acts as a buffer against future expenses.
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🤔 How does a home warranty work?

The warranty company uses authorized service providers that offer assistance when a homeowner calls about an item that has malfunctioned. The warranty holder may pay a service fee for the contractor to arrive, but they do not pay for the services that are provided for the repair.

There may be a deductible but when you consider that the cost of some repairs is in the hundreds of dollars, the deductible is a small price to pay. Choose a home warranty company that holds high standards when it comes to selecting service providers.

🕵️‍♀️ How do I find a home warranty company?

Choosing a home warranty company requires the same diligence that you would show when choosing any other service provider. Home warranty companies have received a reputation for being difficult to use. Choose one that is highly rated and makes good on their promises.

You owe it to the buyer to be a thorough as possible when conducting research on home warranty providers. Start by asking your real estate agent who they recommend based on their positive experiences.

Compare prices between companies and gauge what systems and appliances qualify for coverage, deductibles, and exclusions. Choose a warranty provider whose terms and coverage are both clear and affordable.

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🤝 Providing a Home Warranty When Selling a Home

Providing a home warranty when selling a home is a great way to offer reassurance to potential buyers that you are invested in making sure they are not left with unexpected expenses. You’re sending them the message that you care about the quality of the home and property.

By taking care of necessary maintenance and repair before the home inspection done by the buyer, you are setting the next owner up for success and providing them a good foundation for the use of the home warranty should it be needed.
Providing a Home Warranty When Selling a Home
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Providing a Home Warranty When Selling a Home
Offer a home warranty when selling a home to provide peace of mind to potential buyers and increase your chance of a successful sale. Learn more here.
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