Flooding is a common risk for homeowners that can result in all kinds of costly damage, including warped boards, cracked foundations, and harmful mold growth. If you live in an area where you’re at risk for floods and standing water, then take a look at these things that you can use outside your home to help protect it from flooding.

Gutter System

Gutters are a great way to control where the runoff from your roof winds up. However, it’s important to make sure that you’re guiding runoff deliberately and not contributing to a flooding risk from a different angle. Use stone or concrete slabs to guide downspout streams away from your home and prevent them from eroding depressions in the ground that will collect water. Alternatively, collect the water from your downspout into a rain barrel for an eco-friendly way to water your lawn. According to ServiceMaster Restoration, you should empty your gutters regularly in order to make sure they perform their best. If they fill up with debris, they may overflow and defeat the entire purpose they’re meant to serve. Keep your gutters clean, and use gutter covers to prevent debris buildup.


Landscaping not only makes your yard more beautiful, but it can help guard against flooding as well. For example, according to Elite Paving & Sealcoating Inc, grading facilitates the redirection of water away from your property. New grass and ground-cover plants can also help to keep your soil in place, maintaining your landscape’s grade and preventing erosion. Make sure to keep your grass as healthy as possible since healthy roots offer better protection against erosion. You can also use a gravel driveway and strategically placed channels that run parallel to redirect the water downhill and away from your home. Avoid smoothly paved driveways if you live in a flood-prone area since the runoff from these can carve unwanted channels through your yard.


They might not be the prettiest of yard ornaments, but sandbags are good to have on hand in case you need to give your landscape a boost before a big storm. You can keep these out of sight in a garage or shed when they aren’t in use. If the forecast warns of the possibility of flooding, then use the sandbags to reinforce the lowest points in your yard to prevent floodwaters from creeping into your home.


Flooding is an issue that no homeowner wants to deal with, but it pays to reinforce your home against potential floods ahead of time. Using things like the ones above will help you to be prepared in case of a flood and keep your property looking nice.


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