When you’re going to be selling a home in the near future, there are some steps that should be taken in order to make that home seem more inviting to prospective buyers. Making a space picture perfect can increase the amount of money that you can list a home at. It can also decrease the amount of time that the home will be listed on the market. Nobody wants to be stuck showing their home to potential buyers week after week. Selling quickly lets you close the deal. Some very simple tips can help you perfectly stage your home. You will be moving out of your home and into a new location in no time at all.

De-Personalize the Space

All of the personal items that make your house your home should be removed. While these are the items that make you feel like your home is a place that you want to be, photos and other personal items can prevent a potential buyer from thinking that they could move in there. It feels like they are almost trespassing into someone else’s territory. You want a buyer to feel like this is someplace they feel comfortable. They should be able to see their own items in the décor of your home.

Remove All Clutter

A cluttered home will often feel very small and uninviting. It’s a good idea to get rid of unnecessary items before you list your house. You should even remove extra pieces of furniture that don’t serve a purpose. Your intention is to make even small rooms seem very large and open. You don’t have to get rid of these items. Simply pack them away until you’re ready to move to your new location. Think of this as a head start with moving. You’ll have less items to worry about when it finally comes time to leave your current location.

Don’t Forget to Clean

A deep clean is imperative when you’re going to be selling a home. Everything should be clean and sparkling. Wipe down countertops, tables, windowsills, baseboards and other furniture. When cleaning, it’s important that you properly care for wooden furniture in order not to ruin in. You should also remove any stains or spots that are on the carpets. You want everything to look like it’s move-in ready. This saves the buyer a ton of work.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Keep in mind that the way you have your furniture set up might not be the best way for others to set up the space. Make sure living rooms have conversation areas and that the seats aren’t too far apart. Dining rooms can sometimes be used as spare rooms, but when staging your house, you want to make sure that it has a table and chairs.

Keep Things Neutral

Your home may need a coat of paint or two before it’s ready to sell. Some of your rooms might have very bright colors on the walls. Furniture might be very colorful as well. Your décor might not be inviting to other people. Keep things as neutral as possible. Neutral colors on the walls can help brighten everything up. Don’t forget to patch up those dents or nail pops that might be on your walls if you’re going to be painting.

A home will have a tough time selling if it is outdated. The countertops, flooring and carpets should all have been updated somewhat recently. You should also remove any decorative items that are from many years ago. This can include collectible items, old pieces of china, etc.

Promote Natural Light

Lighting is incredibly important when selling a home. Natural light is much better than artificial light. Open up those drapes, and let plenty of sunshine come into the room. You may even want to take down bulky curtains that are keeping the light out of the area. Cleaning the windows can help make the space seem more inviting and bright as well. If you have cleaned the space and made everything look more neutral, the natural light that you’re letting in will shine through even better.

Create Texture

Cozy blankets and throws can make a huge difference in how cozy a room is. After you have everything cleaned up and ready to go, put a few of these items out to spruce up a room. You wouldn’t believe the difference a few textured items can make. If you have a large space with bare floors, a large and plush area rug can make everything seem much softer. Just be sure to keep things as neutral as you can. If you end up changing the window treatments, don’t forget that you have to leave those as part of the sale. You do have the option of taking them with you if you put those details into the contract that everybody is going to sign at the point of purchase.

Paint a Picture and Set the Tone

A house should tell a story when a person walks into it. You just want to make sure that the story being told isn’t your own. You want the potential buyer to create a story in their head as they walk through each room. They should be able to see family and friends gathering in the kitchen or out on the patio. They should be thinking about how nicely their bedroom furniture would fit in your bedroom area. A house that is for sale should inspire people to make memories at that location. This personal touch is what people look for when they are contemplating buying a property.

Selling a home can be a very stressful event in your life. In order to sell your home quickly and move on to the next big adventure in your life, make some minor changes that will help your home sell faster. Some tried and true staging techniques make a really big difference on how marketable your property will be to people who want to buy. Changes don’t have to be incredibly expensive or involved. You don’t have to take on a major home renovation project in order to have people coming to your open houses in droves. Think about the space that you’re working with. You can easily freshen that area up and make it look staged without having to spend a lot of money or invest a lot of time.

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