We’re in the middle of winter, so there’s still plenty of time before you have to start thinking about spring cleaning, right? Well, technically yes, but it would be better to start now. Taking the time to start putting together your list of spring cleaning chores can help you make sure you hit key chores that you may have been neglecting more than you should have, especially when it comes to outdoor chores.

Siding and Windows

If you stop to think about it, most of what people look at when they look at homes are the siding and windows, if for no other reason than that those surfaces are what are most readily available to look at. They can take a beating during the winter with the cold and snow that often accompany the season. Take some time to clean off any dirt, grime, mold, or other debris that has made a home on your siding and windows. As a bonus, cleaning your windows well will allow more natural light into your home, letting you take advantage of the benefits of natural light.


You probably don’t look up at your roof too often, at least not until it seems like something has gone wrong with it. You can reduce the risk of damage to your roof by cleaning it periodically. Roofs can accumulate harmful debris that needs to be cleaned every so often. This debris can make your roof more attractive to various pests that may feel inclined to make their home in or on your roof. Over time this can lead to significant roof damage that could have been prevented, sparing you an expensive roof repair bill.

Spring Lawn Care

To have a lush, green lawn to enjoy during the warmer parts of the year, you need to start your lawn care in early spring. Early spring is the perfect time to tune up your lawnmower. It’s also a good time to rake your lawn to remove dead leaves, twigs, and thatch that has built up over winter. This helps you avoid having your lawn smothered and allows essential water and nutrients to make it down into the soil where it can properly nourish your grass.

Most people tend to mostly focus on cleaning the inside of their home when it comes to spring cleaning, but it’s important to include some outdoor chores on your list too. Make sure you remember to clean your siding and windows, your roof, and do some springtime lawn care. You’ll help your home stay looking good and keep it in good condition for the rest of the year.

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