Your back porch area is an extension of your home. To make the most of it, it may need a few things to help make it both functional and beautiful. There are a few items that are a must have to create your awesome outdoor space.

Weather-Resistant Furniture

Outdoor furniture is a great way to utilize your back porch for living and entertaining. There are many options, but you want to make sure you choose furniture that is weather-resistant. While you may be on a budget, opt for better quality over cheaper price. Cheaper furniture tends to be flimsier and will need to be replaced quicker than others. Look for materials that match the climate you live in. Stainless steel is heavy and can get hot in the sun. Wood furniture has the chance of warping if in warmer climates. Cushions for seating can get wet and take forever to dry from rain.

Outdoor Lights

Installing outdoor lights adds style to your backyard and increases safety. You can add general lighting that can illuminate walkways, preventing any falls or accidents and deterring crime. Outdoor lights can range from being hidden to being decorative. Lights can be installed along walkways, in railings or posts of a deck, or blend in with the landscape. Lights can also be installed overhead which will light up your living space and add to the ambiance and beauty.


Planters are a must-have for your back porch area. They can brighten up the space with both what you plant inside them and the container itself. This provides a decoration piece for your back porch and can add to the ambiance of your outdoor furniture and lighting. There are so many different plants you can choose from. You can choose flowers to add color and brightness. There are so many flowers you can choose from, and you can truly create a beautiful focal point for your yard. You could also utilize your planters for a mini garden to provide produce during the warmer months of the year. The options are endless.

There are so many options for you to spruce up your back porch area. It doesn’t take much to turn this area from empty space to a functional extension of your home. Adding furniture, lighting, and planters are a great way for this space to be both functional and beautiful.

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