In 2016, Richmond, VA was rated the 4th most desirable housing market in the United States. Church Hill, one of Richmond’s most popular neighbors, is a great example of why potential homeowners are so excited about this area. What makes life in Church Hill so uniquely appealing?

The area around Church Hill hosts some of the best public and private schools nationally. The Richmond Public School system runs 28 elementary schools, 9 middle schools, and 8 high schools that are committed to offering the best education possible for area residents. In 2012, Newsweek Magazine named the Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School for Government and International Studies, a Richmond public school, the 16th best high school in the United States. This highly-selective school takes an active hand in grooming future world leaders.

Richmond also offers several prestigious options for higher education. Six private colleges, several community colleges and adult education programs, and one state university provides the area with multiple options for those seeking to continue their education.

Church Hill is easily accessible from the network of interstate and local highways that connect Virginia to the rest of New England. The major highways that run through the area include I-64, I-95, I-195, I-295; US Highways 1, 33, 60, 250, 301, and 360; and State Routes 5, 6, 10, 33, 76, 146, 147, 150, 161, 197, 288, and 353. The extensive network of major roads in the area makes it easy to reach your destination by car.

For those who fly frequently, the Richmond International Airport serves the area. Daily bus service to Washington D.C., New York, and other important destinations is also available for commuters. The Greater Richmond Transit Company provides public transportation for the area.

Homes in Church Hill are sheltered from a great deal of the cold winter weather the rest of New England suffers through. A mountain range located to the west of the settlement protects the area from the Arctic winds that bring frost and snow to much of the Eastern seaboard each year. The average January temperature for the area is 37.9 degrees F. The warm inland waters of the Chesapeake Bay contribute to moister weather during the summer. Average July temperatures are a comfortable 79.3 degrees F.

The mild temperatures allow residents to enjoy the natural beauty of the Bay all year around. With the Atlantic Ocean nearby as well, there are endless options for enjoying the unique marine scenery.

Church Hill preserves its history in a variety of museums and monuments. The Museum District houses the Virginia Historical Society and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Six other museums, including the Children’s Museum of Virginia, are available for those wishing to immerse themselves in the stories and spirit of Church Hill.

The area’s role in the Civil War is well documented throughout the city. Some battlefields from the era have been faithfully preserved. The Davis Mansion, which was known as the White House of the Confederacy during the conflict, still stands near the Virginia State Capitol. There are endless opportunities for history lovers to relive transformative moments in our nation’s past around Church Hill.

With so much to offer, it’s no wonder Church Hill continues to be an attractive option for homebuyers.

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