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Ashland is affectionately known as the “Center of the Universe” by locals due to its unique location. Ashland is a 15-minute drive to Richmond, a 90-minute drive to Washington, D.C., and is within a day’s drive of New York, Boston, and Atlanta.

πŸ“‹ Ashland Stats

  • Zip Code: 23005
  • County: Hanover
  • Approximate Population: 7,840
  • Annual Household Income: $48,903
  • Median Home Value: $186,000
  • Average Commute: 20 minutes

πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“ Ashland Schools

Students living in Ashland receive their education through the Hanover County Public School System. There are 18,041 students enrolled in the district’s 26 schools, with an average of 13 students per classroom.

Students in the Hanover County District consistently outperform their peers at the state and national levels. Ashland is ranked 23 out of 341 cities in Virginia for its quality of public education.

Ashland is also home to Randolph-Macon College, an NCAA-III school with a vast offering of 38 major disciplines and 34 minors.

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Elementary school Children

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🌀️ Ashland Weather

Ashland receives approximately 43 inches of rain each year. The area receives an average of 16 inches of snowfall annually.

The average high temperature is 67.5˚ F and the average low temperature is about 46.8˚ F.

Ashland Homes for Sale

πŸš‚ Things to See in Ashland

Walk back in time at the Ashland Railroad Station and Visitor Center, located in the old Ashland railway station in the center of town right across from the Henry Clay Inn. Ashland has a rich history going back more than 150 years to its roots as a railroad resort town.

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Ashland boasts a mix of rural farms and homesteads, contemporary urban dwellings, and quiet suburban neighborhoods – with a variety of housing options which make it an ideal place to find the perfect home. Whether you are looking for a home amidst winding backroads and sprawling landscapes, or neatly manicured city yards and paved trails, Ashland has it all.

πŸš΄β€β™‚οΈ Ashland Bike Trails

Ashland is known for its favorability to cycling enthusiasts. There are two U.S. bike routes that intersect in the city, which is a rarity, even among U.S. cycling towns. Bike Route 1, which runs on a north and south path, crosses with U.S. Bike Route 76, running on an east and west path.

Virginia Capital Trail traverses 50+ miles and four jurisdictions. The western terminus trailhead is at Great Shiplock Park in Richmond. The eastern terminus trailhead is at the Jamestown Settlement in Williamsburg. There are interesting historical landmarks to see along the trails.

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