There are many benefits from maintaining a fresh landscape outside of your home. Working outside proves to be beneficial for physical and mental health. A clean landscape also adds to your home’s health and overall value. When prioritizing landscaping work, do not ignore the importance of mowing your lawn, trimming your trees, and performing irrigation maintenance.

Mow Your Lawn

After you have taken the time to plant seed or lay sod, be diligent in mowing your lawn. Your grass will flourish when it is cut and watered regularly. This helps keep the roots at a healthy length and does not dehydrate them. If you cut your lawn once or twice a week you will find your grass becomes denser and more resistant to the environment. Not to mention, an overgrown lawn looks messy and can hurt your curb appeal.

Trim Your Trees

Trees take time to grow and reach full maturity. If you neglect to trim your trees during the growing process, they can cause serious damage to your home. Plant your tree far enough away from the house that the roots will not disrupt the foundation. You should also trim your tree to get rid of any dead branches. Falling tree branches can be a huge risk to your roofing. Taking the time to trim your tree will protect your home from any potential damage and prolong the health and life of the tree.

Irrigation Improvements

Your landscaping’s irrigation will be a major factor in helping keep your plants healthy and happy. The initial installation of an irrigation system can be expensive at first, but it lets you control what time of day and how much you water certain areas. This will help you conserve water and avoid overwatering/underwatering your plants.

Follow up improvements would include testing your system each spring to make sure water is appropriated according to the plant type and areas it is watering. Check to make sure sprinkler heads, nozzles, pipes, etc. are working correctly. Setting automatic timers for the system will optimize when your plants want water and save you from an inflated water bill.

The landscaping work you do around your home will create a beautiful canvas to frame your home. Landscaping is also a part of general home maintenance. Be diligent in mowing your lawn, trimming your trees, and making irrigation improvements with your landscaping for a happier and healthier property.

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