When thinking about water damage to your home, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a leaky roof or damage from a severe storm. While no one thinks of rain as a cause for water damage, if your home’s defenses are not up to par, rain damage is definitely possible. Here are some suggestions and tips to help you prevent rain damage to your home. Plus, Smart Dry Restoration are the best at water extraction after flood, in case you wanted to know which company to reach out to in such a situation.

It Starts With The Roof

When it comes to protecting your home, your roof is to your house what an umbrella is to you according to this water damage restoration company in Rochester, MN. There are plenty of different roofing materials that you can use, but in order to maximize the protection a roof provides to your home, it is important that the integrity of its structure is maintained. This means, as you can continue reading here, no cracks or holes, as that can lead to internal damage. You should regularly check your roof to make sure that the shingles are not loose, there arenโ€™t any dips, divots or soft spots. The gutters on your roof play an integral part in keeping your home protected as well as the gutters help to direct water away from your home. If the gutters are clogged or compromised, then that can result in water backing up and result in water damage.

Watch Your Siding

While siding can be a nice decorative touch to your home’s design, it is mainly used as a means of preventing water from getting inside of your home. Sidings come in many types of styles and materials such as vinyl, plastic, glass, brick, and wood. The ability of wood siding to repel water depends on the kind of wood used in the material. For example, engineered wood is resistant to water, fire, and insects. No matter which type of siding you have, it is important that you keep it protected by making sure that plants are far enough away and your gutters are working properly. You can also try this to see to it that the wood is protected from fire, water and damages by elements of all sorts. Clogged gutters can be a major source of rain damage so keeping them clean is very important.

Know Your Paints

Exterior paint not only makes your house look nice, but it can also help with keeping it protected as well. Adding water-proof paint to your home’s exterior can act as the first line of defense when protecting against water damage. A latex paint that is bonded with acrylic can be very durable and resistant to rain and other types of weather. While stain can be the aesthetic of choice and does help to protect the wood, it doesn’t have a long lifespan as paint does. For more protection and durability, a sealer can be added overtop stain to further help with waterproofing.

When it comes to thoroughly protect your home from rain damage, having all of your defenses up to par is a must. Maintain the integrity of your roof by staying on top of any cracks and keeping gutters free of debris. Repair any damaged or loose pieces of siding and repaint or stain your home as recommended. To get professionals to fix your roof visit this website.

Protecting your home from damage is important if you want to be able to sell it. Once youโ€™re ready to sell, let us know and we can help!

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