Wondering how we help sell your home in Richmond? Take a closer look at what we offer and give The Wilson Group a call at 804-396-4625.

You’ve decided to sell your home, and the search for a Richmond real estate agent brought you to our website. When you ask us how we help sell your home, we have the experience and knowledge to back up the positive reviews you’ll find here.

📋 What is The Wilson Group’s Approach?

Our approach at The Wilson Group is quite simple. We prefer to be straight to the point and offer the information you need to hear, not just the things you want to hear. We’ll present the good, the bad, and the ugly in any situation. Our clients love this about us and appreciate our honesty.

If a real estate agent is only telling you what you want to hear, it’s in your best interest to find someone else who will give you the truth. The answers in real estate aren’t always satisfying, but we promise to be on your side and stay true to our sense of integrity in all real estate transactions.

🤝Meet & Greet

We like to start with a no-obligation/no-pressure meet & greet. This is our opportunity to visit with each other, get to know your goals, and view the property in person.  The reason your goals are important is it becomes our focus for being a part of you achieving them.

🏠 Home Preparation

Your house should show like a model home with the help of staging.  Hide the clutter, get it organized, and ready for others to visualize themselves living in their new home.  Our goal for this task is to assist and provide as much advice that is needed to prepare for your home’s photo/video shoot.

home staging how we help sell your home

📱 Contact The Wilson Group

We can help!
We strive to make our client’s real estate transaction an overall great experience. Our business model is deeply founded in the fact that it is all about the experience! Give us a call at 📱 804-396-4625.

📸 Photo & Video Session

If there’s one thing that will put a pause on the sale of your home, it’s the use of bad listing photos. There is no excuse for a real estate agent to neglect the use of a professional photographer when showcasing your home.

If the photos don’t grab the attention of potential buyers, you’ll lose the chance to show them more and keep them interested enough to make an offer. We have one shot with a first impression and that opportunity begins long before they show up to see your home in person.

We hire a professional company that specializes in listing photography, and we pay extra for video, and drone video as needed.  We want to showcase your home in the best possible way and have great options for when we are marketing your home.

📹 Our Video Tours

📣 Getting The Home On Market

Once we have those beautiful photos and video, it’s time to get your home listed on the real estate market. Just placing your home on the MLS is not enough. We go further and actually pick up the phone and begin getting your home the attention it deserves.

In addition to our networking efforts, we utilize social media and traditional marketing methods to reach potential buyers. We use blogs, social media advertisements, and video tours to make the most of the technology most buyers have at their fingertips.
social media how we help sell your home

🗣 Showings and Feedback

Once it’s time to start showings, we utilize an online showing appointment management system that allows other real estate agents to request appointments for showings. As we receive these notifications, we communicate with you for confirmation.

Keep in mind, that we are working together to sell your home, so we should accommodate as much as possible for showing requests. We are fast to get back to you with any feedback we receive from potential buyers and their real estate agents.

✅ Check Our Reviews

📝 Under Contract and Next Steps

Congratulations are in order now for getting your home under contract.  Here is where the work really kicks in.

  • We ensure all required documents are obtained, signed, and that you have received a copy of all contracts.
  • We will forward the contract to the closing attorney of your choice, or if you prefer, use our recommendations.
  • We ensure that all timelines are met. This includes appraisal orders, home inspections, termite inspections, and so on.
  • We work with you, and the buyer’s side to negotiate home inspection contingency if negotiations are needed.
  • You can expect us to continuously follow up to make sure closing on time is happening.
How We Help Sell Your Home
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How We Help Sell Your Home
Wondering how we help sell your home in Richmond? Take a closer look at what we offer and give The Wilson Group a call at 804-396-4625.
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