You remodel your home in order to achieve the vision of aesthetics and functionality that you have for your dream space. Once that remodeling is done, however, there are still a few things you need to do in order to complete and maintain that perfect final product.

Update Your Insurance

If any of the remodeling included renovations to your property that would add to the property value, you need to update your insurance to include that improvement. Keep track of appliance and material warranties so that if any unfortunate accidents occur, you can take advantage of insurance benefits to repair or replace elements and restore them to their original, intended state. Furthermore, evaluate any potential liabilities that you may have accumulated in your renovations—pools, large fixtures, anything that may introduce new opportunities for accidents, should be accounted for.

Keep it Clean

If you want your remodel to retain its shiny “newness,” you will need to keep it consistently clean! Doing so not only helps it feel freshly done, it also increases the durability and longevity of your appliances and building materials (especially if they are frequently used). For example, kitchen cabinets should be well maintained and cleaned after kitchen construction to prevent dust and grime build up, or any wear on the edges and hinges. Sweep, mop, vacuum, wipe, and sanitize any and all surfaces that have been remodeled, or have been around remodeled areas. Don’t forget to check your vents for dust buildup, as renovations often create a lot of dust pollution in your home that gets sucked into your vents.

Final Touches

Maybe the most pleasing part of a remodel is the final touches: painting and decorating your “new” space. Use supplies and materials that protect your surfaces, that reduce risk of damage. Use sealants, caulking, protective measures on furniture, whatever is necessary and relevant to your remodel that will help prevent damage. Do a final check of the space to assure everything is installed correctly—plumbing or electrical problems would put a huge damper on what should be an exciting start. Communicate with your contractor regarding anything that may concern you about the space; cross the t’s and dot the i’s so that you are ready to just enjoy what you’ve been envisioning!

While the remodeling process is the biggest part of reaching your vision, it won’t be complete or safe without a few more steps towards its protection. Once those are done, you can truly sit back, relax, and appreciate all the work that’s gone into this exciting change!

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