Your home is an investment that you want to have positive dividends. When looking to sell, you always want to sell it for more than you bought it for. You can do this by focusing on timing, reconstructing major spaces, and setting the right asking price.

Timing Is Everything

Home sales ebb and flow with the season and the state of the home buying market. A predictor of good markets includes warm months, people want to move while their kids are out of school to give them plenty of time to adjust before the new school year. A personal indicator is when you have enough equity in your home to pay off your current mortgage and cover the additional costs that come with selling and moving. Timing your sale with life priorities can make a huge difference in selling your home for more than you bought it for.


Reconstructing Major Spaces

The value and equity in your home goes up significantly based on how updated your home is. If there are major repairs that need to take place before another family can move it, that will come out of the sale price. Instead, you can perform maintenance and reconstruction on your home to increase curb appeal and value. Make sure you are getting the most value from the construction of your property by having a finished basement. Buyers are much more willing to pay a higher price than you paid for something finished, so they don’t have to go through the hassle of finishing it themselves.


Set The Right Asking Price

It is important to set the right asking price for your home. You can compare the asking price of similar homes in your area to determine its value. Be prepared to negotiate the final price, you want to attract buyers to invest interest in your property while still having room to negotiate final prices. Keep in mind that with the sale of the home there are agent fees, taxes, and costs of moving that will come out of your sale. It is important to set a price that can cover the cost of your expenses, so you come out ahead.


Currently, the house market is very profitable. More individuals are looking to buy than in recent years. Ultimately, this will be beneficial to you in selling your home for more than you bought it for.


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