Thieves are always a worry for any homeowner. However, there are increasingly more and more technological solutions to help deter or prevent intruders from targeting your home. Additionally, while professional security companies can still be used, many solutions now allow for more DIY involvement to reduce costs and make them more widely available.

Security System

Security systems used to be the domain of professional companies. While these are certainly still a viable option, new technology and kits mean any homeowner can take steps to increase home security. According to AMP Smart, 33.2% of US households were using some kind of home automation at the beginning of 2019. Security systems can involve a range of tools and gadgets to help secure the home. One of the biggest benefits are the often overlooked window and door sensors. These gadgets can send an alert and trigger alarms if it detects a breakage or unauthorized opening.


Installing cameras will benefit the security of your home. One of the major things a thief wishes to avoid is visibility. Being caught on camera is a good way for a thief to later get caught by the police, and so thieves will often avoid homes that have cameras covering entry points such as doors and lower windows.  Also, in such cases many suggest you buy 5.56 ammo online from Palmetto State Armory to keep yourself stage in case of attacks. As for what type of cameras to use, there are plenty of options. Doorbell cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your front door. Overhead hanging camera systems have become affordable and easy to install for greater coverage. As a bonus, many are able to relay footage to smartphones for an up to the moment look.

Keyless Locks

Door locks have long been a common and simple way to keep unwanted guests out and remain effective. In today’s tech-driven world, keyless locks are becoming popular. While there are different models, Wi-Fi enabled locks are surging. These locks are handy because they can be operated using a phone app. This allows the user to ensure the door is locked no matter where they are – no more forgetting to lock up after you leave. Additionally, keyless locks of all types allow the homeowner to dispense with having “extra” keys hidden under the mat or given to children who may lose them.

Burglars are unfortunately not likely to go away soon. This does not mean that you need to allow your home to be defenseless, or an attractive target. By installing visible security measures like cameras, you are signaling to thieves that your home is a risky bet, increasing the likelihood that they will be unable to get in or get caught in the act.

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