Humidity can cause big problems for homeowners across the country. Unfortunately, fixing those problems can be a big pain. Rather than fixing humidity damage after the fact, it is easier and more effective to prevent humidity damage in the first place. There are several things you can do to reduce and prevent damage from humidity and for the most part they are simple and easy to take care of.

Use Dehumidifiers

Using a dehumidifier is a great way to take down the humidity levels in your home without needing to put in much effort. Because humidity can have such profound effects on the structures in your home and the books and other items in your home putting dehumidifiers in high humidity areas can save you a lot of grief. Getting rid of moisture with a dehumidifier can also prevent bacteria from growing, reduce allergies, and keep your house smelling and looking good.

Waterproofing Techniques

With humidity comes moisture and that is where the real damage can come in. There are simple DIY techniques that you can take to keep water out of your basement. The first thing you can do to begin waterproofing is to check for any cracks or gaps that need to be filled. Around windows and doors is a great place to start.


On the exterior of your home, you may want to cover your window wells which is one of the easier steps. A more difficult but helpful step can be applying a sealant to your foundation walls, this does require some extensive work, but it can be a very effective DIY waterproofing tool.


Whether you are cooking or taking a shower, using the ventilating fans in your home can go a long way towards reducing humidity. Your bathroom fan can prevent humidity from building up on your surfaces while you take a hot shower and leaving it on after can help things dry out more quickly.


You may think that your kitchen fan is just for smoke, but that’s not the case. Cooking on the stove top actually creates a lot of humidity when steam is released from your food, so using your hood fan can help you get rid of extra humidity when you cook.


Humidity can cause a lot of damage in a home. It can be a real pain to fix if you don’t take preventive measures. But by learning to manage that humidity well, you can prevent that damage and keep your home in great condition.

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