Summer sun can be a wonderful thing. It brings refreshing warmth after the bitter cold of winter. But just like too much sun can burn your skin, too much sun can damage your home. This might seem odd since your home is always exposed to the sun during the day, and it doesn’t use sunscreen, but it’s true. In fact, many components of your home rely on permanent “sunscreens” for protection. The following are three home areas prone to heat damage that you need to protect.

The Driveway

Have you ever walked barefoot on your driveway on a hot day? If so, you probably burned your feet. Although most driveways are light in color, they can get very hot. And this heat does more than just burn foolish feet, it can ruin the driveway. When materials heat up, they expand. This is no exception for concrete and asphalt. If there isn’t any room for expansion, these materials will begin to crack. To prevent serious damage, you need to protect the surface of your pavement.

The Roof

Your roofs shingles are made to withstand the sun and high temperatures. However, over time they will start to fail. If you live in an area that receives a lot of sun, you need to pay special attention to any signs of sun damage to your roof. If you see any, you should consider getting repairs done. Once sun damage starts to become visible, your roof isn’t going to keep out the rain very well. The cost of a small roof repair is much cheaper than damage that could occur later. Common signs of sun damage include bleached or discolored shingles, crumbling shingles, and warped shingles.

Your Deck

Your wood deck is a beautiful addition to your home. It’s a fun place to hang out, eat, and BBQ. However, if you don’t protect your deck from the summer sun, it can become dangerous. If you’ve seen an old abandoned wood structure, you’ve probably seen that the wood has turned grey. This discoloration is due to the sun. It is also a sign that the wood has been weakened. To protect your deck from this problem, you need to keep it coated with a protective finish or paint. As these coatings wear away, you need to replace them.

Your home isn’t something that will just stay nice on its own. You need to care for it. By being aware of the damage that heat and sun can cause, you should be empowered to perform the proper maintenance. This will ensure that your home stays beautiful, comfortable, and retains its value.

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