With increasingly evident changes to worldwide climates, many (perhaps you included) are concerned and curious as to how they can prepare their homes to be more eco friendly and more able to handle those climate changes. Here are a few things you can do to outfit your home with the means for an environmentally safe and functional home.

Use Durable Materials

As average temperatures rise, you need your home to be able to withstand extreme temperatures and weather. So, make sure your home is built using materials that are both good with the environment and good for the environment. For example, concrete is one of the strongest materials available for construction, and you can use it as both your foundation and your home’s structure. Using concrete for walls ensures that your home is securely protected from harsh elements for years to come. Furthermore, resources like concrete or stone or brick do an impressive job at naturally insulating your home so that your home stays cool or warm when you want it to.

Use Renewable Energy

Using renewable energy sources is another important way to decrease your carbon footprint, but it also will be extremely helpful when some fuel sources become less accessible. You can channel natural energy with solar panels, collect wind energy with turbines, or take advantage of local hydropower plants that harness energy from the natural features around you. As you collect and conserve energy, you’ll have a reliable “bank” of energy to run your home cleanly. In fact, using electricity is more efficient for heating than gas. So not only are you saving important resources, you’re getting more out of the energy you are using!

Use the Right Windows

Your windows may be making a bigger impact on your energy use than you realize. You may be losing heat or cooling temperatures from your HVAC to the outdoors because of the lack of insulation, improper installation, location, and general construction. Consider replacing your windows with energy-efficient windows that are doubly insulated (so you don’t lose or gain precious heat or cooling!), coated with thermal protection, and created with the right kinds of frames for your home’s needs. You’d be surprised at the difference this can make in providing that necessary natural light for your home, without the harmful impact or risk that comes with average glass.

Some things we can’t control. But you can make your home a safer place for you and the world around you. Start with the right building materials, and then fill it with the energy efficient resources you’ll need to stay safe and comfortable when the climate is otherwise!

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