Some real estate professionals estimate that the best time to sell a home is the first two weeks of May. This gives sellers enough time to prepare their property for a spring showing. Once the winter weather has passed, it is your opportunity to repair and rejuvenate the exterior of your home.

Repair Winter Damage

The winter elements have the most impact on the exterior of your home. Debris flies around, the moisture puddles up, and your beautiful landscape has no choice but to take a hiatus. Obviously, areas that receive snow and ice require more winter damage repair. Even homeowners in the drier regions should assess the aftermath of a change in seasons. Winter weather can cause serious damage to a home’s roof, so this should be at the top of your list. It is a good idea to take a look or hire professionals to inspect it for you. Debris and leaves mixed with rain that have piled up there must be cleaned up. Your goal is to keep the roof clean and well-maintained as a preventive measure. The more proactive you are, the fewer repairs the roof will need. Plus, making routine inspections and speedy repairs are good ways to extend the roof’s life and warranty.

Spring Landscaping

When spring rolls around, it is a great time to take care of the landscape. You get to see the grass grow, the flowers bloom and the trees extend their branches again. Dead plants, fallen leaves, and hanging branches have all got to go. For a spring showing, consider planting colorful flowers and complementary shrubs. While you are working on the landscape, take a look at the irrigation system. Since it will rain far less often in summer, you need to ensure that the sprinkler system is in good working condition. Everything put together leads to improved curb appeal.

Exterior Touch Ups

As you are clearing up debris and buildup around the exterior of your home, take a look at the paint, crevices, and gutters. The winter moisture has a way of chipping paint, warping window frames, and clogging up the gutters. For a spring showing, a new coat of paint, clean gutters, and solid window frames make great impressions. The more energy-efficient your home is, the more you can justify your asking price.

Once the winter weather has passed, it is time to brighten your home’s exterior for a successful spring showing. By repairing the damage that winter caused, sprucing up your landscaping, and making exterior touch ups your house is ready to be sold this spring.

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