You might be using more energy than you want to each winter and there are several things you can do to save energy and money. You can upgrade your appliances, reduce lost energy, and invest in a programmable thermostat. This will help you to offset your increased energy use.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Your appliances might be taking up a lot of energy that you aren’t aware of. One way to avoid this is to upgrade your appliances to more energy efficient ones. An energy saving upgraded appliance will save you more money and water than a standard model. It might cost a little more to upgrade your appliances but in the long run, it will save you money on your bills. It’s a good idea to at least consider upgrading one or more of your appliances before winter.

Reduce Lost Energy

Energy loss is a major contributing factor to your winter costs, read the article to learn how this can affect your overall safety of the house. You can have someone come and do an energy audit on your home and find out where you’re losing the most energy. An energy audit has several benefits for your home. They will close all the doors and windows, look at each room, and find out if there are any leaks. They’ll also survey your appliances and measure the insulation. After the audit, you can take the information you’ve found and improve the problem areas in your home. Instead of just guessing what you need to fix, you can reduce lost energy through an energy audit.

Programmable Thermostat

Your thermostat is a perfect tool to help you offset your energy use. Many set their thermostats higher than they need to be and you can fix this by getting a programmable thermostat. This will allow you to put it on a schedule, so you don’t forget to set it lower overnight. You can also set it lower while you’re out of town, so your pipes don’t freeze. This will help you to reduce your wasted heat. You can set it while you’re away from your home in case you forgot before you left. A programmable thermostat is a great investment.


If you’re looking to offset your increased energy use, then you can try a few things. You can upgrade your appliances, reduce lost energy, and invest in a programmable thermostat. This will help you to save money during the winter.


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