Making your home attractive to buyers is a huge part of making it sell quickly and at a good price. There are lots of things you can do to accomplish this. Stage your home well and make sure to take care of any issues prior to listing it. You also might consider including extras in the sale of your home.

Stage It

Staging your home helps potential buyers imagine themselves living in the house more easily than they would if it was cleared out. It can also make flaws easier to overlook. To stage your home, you need to start with a properly cleaned house. Once you have that, arrange furnishings in a way that is inviting to prospective buyers. Remember, you need to appeal to as many people as possible, so if your taste is less conventional you might want to consider renting furniture to use when staging.

Take Care of Issues

If your house has any major structural, aesthetic, or appliance issues, it’s important to address those before listing your home. Many buyers can be turned off if major appliances aren’t working. The same applies to structural concerns or more niche aesthetics. Unless you’re willing to knock the price of your home down to compensate for anything that needs to be fixed, many buyers likely won’t consider your home for purchase. Your house should be able to pass a home inspection during the selling process. If it can’t, you have some work to do.

Include Fixtures in the Sale

Sometimes buyers fall in love with different fixtures in a home that may not necessarily be part of the sales agreement. Including fixtures in a sale may be worth considering if you get a good offer. Be aware that misunderstandings that arise regarding whether or not furnishings and fixtures are a part of the sale can be one of the reasons a buyer walks away from a home. To avoid this, make sure you clearly communicate what is or isn’t included in the sale.

It’s important to make your home appeal to buyers when you’re trying to sell. To prepare your home to sell, make sure you stage it well and take care of any structural, aesthetic, or equipment issues. If you need a way to sweeten the deal, consider including fixtures in the sale of the house. These moves can help make your home more attractive to buyers and may make your home sell more quickly.

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