Remodeling is exciting and the result is impossible to wait for. You get to turn your house into something that is even more yours. But of course, the process to get to the result is difficult and extremely messy. The mess is never limited to only the room you are remodeling, (and even less so if you are remodeling your entire house!) so take some extra steps to ensure that your home stays clean during a remodel.

Communicate With the Contractors

Before you begin the remodeling process with your contractor, there is a lot to discuss. You want to talk about your plans, budget, and a bunch of other things. It’s easy to forget about keeping things clean when you’re so excited about the project itself. But don’t forget to go over how the mess will be mitigated.

Contractors have experience and they understand the messes that often come from the different jobs they do. Your particular remodeling process will look a little different than others—remember to ask how it will be different and plan ahead.

Cover Your Possessions

Have you ever seen a film where the character walks through a house where the possessions are covered in white fabric? How about a haunted house? When people move away for a long time (especially during a time when central air was unavailable), one way they protect their furniture from sun damage or dust is by covering it. This same basic principle applies when you are protecting your possessions from remodeling messes. Covering your possessions is very important to protect them from the dust that comes from remodeling. Especially protect things like furniture, large instruments, paintings, and others.

Remember that even if you are only remodeling one part of your house, it’s important to consider covering items throughout the house. This doesn’t mean you can’t sit on your couch in the living room while you’re remodeling the kitchen, but it means that there might be a protective coating between you and the couch for a bit.

Move Items

There are some items you should consider moving completely out of the way rather than just covering with a cloth or plastic. Think about the items that are in the way, may be especially sensitive to dust, such as musical instruments or electronics, things you can’t clean very well, or items that have especial sentimental value, like family heirlooms or special paintings.

It’s daunting to move all your possessions, so by choosing a few in particular to focus on can help. It can also help you save money on storage costs. But don’t get stuck because it’s hard to find storage—there are many storage options to consider.

Dispose of Waste

To keep your home clean, one of the most important things to plan ahead is waste disposal. You may not think there will be a ton to dispose of in your remodeling project, but there is almost always more than you would expect. When waste is not properly disposed of, it can be dangerous.

In construction, construction crews will minimize waste by creating a system and planning. It’s different for each company, but the aim is to keep debris out of the way. One way they do this is by using self-dumping hoppers that they can load waste in. Consider using a dump hopper for your own renovation project. By keeping your property clear of debris, self-dumping hoppers make a worksite safer for your family and the contractors.

Isolate the Room

If you are able to, isolating the room is a great idea to reduce dust and debris in the rest of your house. You can isolate the room by covering places that dust can escape through with plastic. This includes doors, windows, and air ducts and vents. Just remember to make sure that there are appropriate air filters and masks for those who will be working within the room so they can stay safe. You can use this opportunity to make sure that your home is well sealed so you can save on heating and cooling bills and minimize unwanted dirt from outside.

Make Pathways

You can also isolate the mess to only the location you are renovating is by creating a specific path that the renovators follow. That way, if they have heavy items they are carrying or have paint or dust on their shoes, there is only one path you have to cover. It’s impossible to keep all dust off your shoes as you renovate. Covering pathways in your house with plastic can help to reduce damage to your carpet and floors caused by anything that may be carried on shoes.

Also consider creating paths outside to your home with wood chips. There is a lot of back and forth outside and inside when remodeling. If it starts raining or there isn’t a good path, mud will be tracked into your home.  

Clean As You Go

The idea of taking all these steps is to minimize the amount of cleaning you need to do, but you will still have things that need to be cleaned, often on the daily. Remodeling rarely takes a single day, and so cleaning as you go is the best way to keep things in top shape as you go and reduce the cleaning you’ll have to do at the very end.

Completing regular chores is the best way to keep up. Have places that you dust every night, air out the house as often as possible, sweep frequently, and keep the vacuum close.

Cleaning as you go also includes the little things. Keep your hands as clean as possible and keep your tools as clean as possible. You’ll reduce fingerprints and other issues that come from having clogged tools.

Have a Plan

Plan ahead. Remodeling is a big project with lots of parts. Plan out these parts carefully, and you’ll know what’s going on. By simply knowing the different steps and what needs to be done for each step, you’ll be equipped to keep things cleaner. Remember to also plan how you will deal with storing items, the waste from each step, the dust, etc. Organization is key to maintaining the highest cleanliness possible.

Having a dirty house during renovations may be one of the most difficult parts of home renovations, but by following these tips you will not have to worry. Don’t forget that even the little steps help a ton. They will help you enjoy your home remodels even more.

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