You have an awesome rental property and are dedicated to managing it well. It’s a beautiful place and in a great location. Why isn’t it renting quickly? How can you improve your rental listings to best showcase your property?

Add Great Photos

Photography sells listings. This means you don’t just need to walk around with a shaky hand and a cell phone camera, and expect to be able to compete in the marketplace. Your listing needs staged photos. A rental listing site is like a dating site: you want your best foot forward, shined up and looking magnificent, and listing all of the best qualities. Showing excellent photos can bring in potential renters who already know what the home looks like from a realistic, but beautiful, standpoint.

Pay Attention To Reviews

No matter how careful a landlord you are, or how well you manage the property, you are not there all the time. Pay careful attention to the reviews, both of your management style and what is happening in the area. If your renters liked your unit but said they had loud neighbors, or that the area is not safe, it could cause complications. Fix whatever you can. Being responsive to your tenants matters greatly. Tenants are willing to pay more if you have positive reviews on your listings.

Simplify Showings

As a manager, you want to simplify your showings by having as many back to back as possible. This minimizes the amount of time that you have to spend going to and from the unit itself. It also promotes the idea to the renter that you are delighted to have them as a prospective renter, but there are others in the queue who are also looking at the rental. While this won’t force anybody into renting (which you do not want), the perception of increased demand can cause a potential renter to make their decision more quickly. Ironically, the perception of demand also can make them happier with their decision to rent with you.

You intend to be an excellent manager. And listening to your past tenant’s reviews can make sure that’s happening. By being willing to fix problems, and then have excellent photos to showcase changes, you are much closer to finding renters. By simplifying the showing, you increase the possibility of positive decision-making. Together, this saves you time and money!

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