Have you ever had a relationship with one of your rental tenants that was strained, stressful, and difficult to maintain? Having a bad relationship with your tenants can negatively affect your property since they likely won’t want to rent from you long-term. Here are a few approaches that can help you to improve your tenant relationships.

Be Transparent

First, strive to be transparent in all of your interactions and communications with your tenants. Be transparent in your expectations for the property, and be specific in the instructions that you give them for caring for your rental. This will help them to be aware of your standards and uphold them. You should also be transparent about any changes that might be happening around your property, such as an increase in rent, a change in utility services, or an addition of new property rules. Help them to understand the needs for these changes and don’t be defensive about them. This can help them to respond to the changes positively, and they’ll appreciate your transparency. 

Be Responsive

Next, make sure that you are responsive to your tenants’ needs and questions. Stay on top of your emails or texts so you can respond to their issues promptly. If you aren’t responsive and timely in your communications with your tenants, the property likely won’t get the care that it needs, and your tenants will feel ignored and frustrated. Being responsive can help you better maintain your property since your tenants will alert you of any issues. A well-maintained property is more likely to attract long-term tenants

Be Empathetic

Finally, be empathetic when talking with your tenants. Remember, they’re likely in a tight financial situation if they’re renting from you rather than owning their own house. So, they might need some compassion and empathy when you’re discussing additional and extra expenses. Try to be understanding of their situation. For example, if you’ve decided that you don’t want a tenant to continue living in your rental property, give them at least a month to look for a new place to live rather than telling them that they need to move by the end of the week. It can be helpful to write these types of things into your agreement contract to help with understanding and transparency as well. 

If you are a landlord looking for new tenants, remember that your behavior can help to ensure that your tenants will rent your property longer. You can improve your behavior and your tenant relationships by being transparent, responsive, and empathetic. This will help your tenants to enjoy living on your property and want to live there longer.

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