Moving into a new home can be an exciting adventure. However, a new home might be missing something. Your home should feel personal and you’ll need to add your own touch. You should display photos, choose a color scheme, and add lighting to add to the personality of your home.

Display Photos

The most obvious way to personalize your decor is with family photos. Display photos on the walls of your family to give it a more homey vibe. Your life is made up of memories and openly sharing these memories in your home is a great way of personalizing your space. You’ll be able to look around your home and see all the great memories you’ve created and see all the people that mean a lot to you.

Choose a Color Scheme

There are a lot of widely known established rules when it comes to using color in your home. For example, you shouldn’t use too many dark colors in a small room in order not to make the space feel too small. You should use bright colors to bring more light into a room. Colors like red are used to bring energy into a room; however, red is also used in industrial settings to indicate imminent danger, so you need to use it carefully. Before choosing a color scheme, you should do some research into the effects certain colors have on your mood.

Add Lighting

You may have thought that it is the furniture and the coloring of the home that creates the atmosphere, but although those elements play a role, it is the lighting that sets the tone and mood of a household. Lighting includes both natural and synthetic light, and how you use lighting can affect the feel of your home. A home with more natural light can feel open, and peaceful, but too much natural light can also create a cold and exposed atmosphere, especially at night. On the other hand, a home with very little natural light can feel cramped and boxed-in. Depending on the atmosphere you want to create; you can change the lighting methods you use.

These are just a few simple ideas which you may find useful to utilize when trying to make your home more personal to you. You can display photos, choose a color scheme, and add lighting to help make your home more personal.

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