Getting your first pet is an exciting time. Pets can make great companions. They are fun, funny, and loving. Pets can help you learn responsibility because most pets are entirely dependent on their owners for survival. If this is your first time getting a pet, then you want to be prepared. You’re going to need to make several adjustments to your home to make it pet-friendly. Here are three places you can start.

Change Your Flooring

If you have flooring like carpet, you might want to consider changing it or pet-proofing it. Pets, especially young ones, can easily ruin carpet. If your pet has sharp claws, they can rip the carpet. If your pet is well trained, they can relieve themselves on your carpet. Fixing these problems can be expensive. You should choose a waterproof flooring option that will be easy to clean. Tile and hardwood floors are good examples of floors that are easy to clean. Just make sure that you put a protective coat on top of any wood flooring so that your pets don’t put scratches into it.

Remove Pet Dangers

Some pets are very smart, other pets are very stupid. Regardless of your pet’s intelligence, there are dangers in your home for them. If your window blinds have cords that are pulled to raise and lower them, you may want to replace them. These cords can easily get wound around your pet’s neck and strangle them. At the very least you should make sure these cords are out of reach of your pets. Other dangers include low hanging tablecloths. Your pet can get tangled in these which can cause the contents of the table to fall on top of them. Another common pet danger is electricity. Some pets may be tempted to chew on electrical cords that run around the house. This could be fatal, so make sure that you remove these, or cover them.

Adjust Your Furnishings

You don’t want your pet to ruin your house, so you may need to adjust how you furnish and decorate your home. Some pets are notorious for finding enjoyment in knocking things over on purpose. If this is your pet, you should remove any fragile items from accessible locations. Keep in mind that some animals, cats for example, are extremely agile and can reach most places. Some animals really like to chew on wooden furniture, for these animals make sure that the wooden legs of your furniture are not exposed.

By pet-proofing your home before your pet arrives, you will be saving yourself the headaches that many new pet owners experience. Your home will be a safer place for your pet. It will also be much easier for you to deal with your pet’s wild behavior as you attempt to train it.

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