With the endless options and varieties of landscapes and designs, your backyard can become a pride and joy of your property. Unsure of where to start? Here are a few ideas to get you started on creating a backyard design you will love to spend time in!

Add Fun Features

Give yourself some extra incentive to use your backyard! There is something fun that can tailor to the passions of everyone and anyone—explore what kinds of things offer you access to yours! If you’re a cook, set up an outdoor grilling and smoking area. Sporty property owners might put in a “sport court” with a basketball hoop, tennis or pickleball net to get out and play whenever they want! For those with a green thumb, consider a garden box or bed that you can care for. Even those who simply want the perfect relaxation spot can use the space for features like a jacuzzi or shaded hammock area. Think about what you enjoy, and then explore the outdoor options that will be best for your use!

Take Care of Your Lawn

Take care of the live parts of your landscape. Sod needs routine watering and cutting to remain fresh , full and a healthy green. Fertilizer adds nutrients to your lawn so it can grow stronger and healthier. Make sure to pay attention to edges and corners where grass often gets overgrown. Shady areas or spots immediately around sprinklers are also more likely to be flooded in unhealthy amounts, so watch those areas for overwatering and adjust your maintenance accordingly. Consult a local landscaper or gardening expert to get their advice on the right amount of watering, the right length to cut your grass, and the right kinds of fertilizer to use for your area, to eliminate the detrimental outcomes of “trial and error.”

Decorative Landscaping Features

Your exterior can (and should) follow a kind of intentional style, just like your interior does. Add some design and class to your yard with decorative features! Rock gardens or large stones, benches, and patio sets are a great place to start—plus, they give you and your guests a nice place to sit back and enjoy the landscape and fun stuff that you’ve put so much time into.

Set up a backyard you won’t ever want to leave! Fun features, beautiful landscape, and some additional stylistic décor will all add to the appeal of your outdoor property and create the perfect additional space for your home.

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