Everybody wants their home to look as beautiful as possible. Sometimes, though, there can be surprise repairs you aren’t prepared for, especially if they’re very expensive! Regardless of the cost of repair, being able to prevent further damage and head off more frustrating repairs is important. How can you protect your home before a small repair becomes a big one? What are the best ways to avoid costly home repairs in general?

Make Repairs as Needed

The best overall tip for preventing large home repairs is to take care of small repairs as they occur. For example, if a storm damages “just one” shingle on your roof and you have it repaired quickly, you have little risk of ongoing damage. But if you delay the small repair, and water leaks into your home and walls, you can end up with an ongoing mold issue. If you get a small foundation crack repaired when it happens, it remains a small issue. If you delay, a small crack can become larger over time and cause major damage.

Protect it From the Outside Elements

It’s important to protect your home from the elements as best you can, as the damage they inflict gets costly. This includes cleaning gutters out to prevent overflow, repainting when needed, and sweeping off the roof before winter ice dams can be created. You can also reduce damage to your driveway by sealcoating when needed. Pressure washing can help as well. Washing and resealing your deck helps it keep strong longer in both ongoing sun and water damage.

Pay Attention

One of your best options for not needing large, costly home repairs is to seasonally do a walk around both inside and outside of your home and check for repair needs. You want to see no signs of damage which can occur from termites, naturally, or other pests, rodents, or reptiles. You want to make sure that bushes are cut away from the foundation of your home, and that you can look at the siding, bricks, and foundation for signs of needed repair. The same is true inside. Knowing what you need is the first step towards taking care of repairs early.

Your home is a fortress and protects you and all who are within, and all of your stuff too!  Make sure it’s better protected by searching for needs both outside and inside, so you know what to do. Tackle repairs quickly, and protect your investment long term!

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