Many homeowners long to install some type of water feature in their yard, be it a spa, hot tub, or pool. There are a few things you need to consider when you are planning the installation of one of these water features.

Zoning Laws

Zoning laws for hot tubs or pools vary with the municipality. Zoning laws require both pools and hot tubs to be located a specific distance from the property line, the edge of a public sidewalk or alley, and any nearby buildings. You may also be required to have the plumbing installed by a licensed plumber. Check with your local city or county building-inspection department to find out the requirements in your area. This office should also be able to tell you what building permits you might need to install these water features in your yard.

Plumbing Needs

You should know as you’re shopping around that there are certain differences between spas and hot tubs. A spa is an in-ground installation that requires special plumbing and electrical. A hot tub sits on top of the ground and has self-contained plumbing and electrical. A spa or in-ground pool will require hiring a plumber to bring the water and drain to the spa or pool. It also requires an electrician to hook up electricity for the jets and under-water lights. An above-ground pool is just like a hot tub; it will usually contain all the plumbing and electrical hook-ups for you to plug into or connect.

Pool and Hot Tub Safety

Although there is some difference between spas and hot tubs, both require one or more of the following safety steps to restrict access:

  • Install a four-foot-high fence around the entire hot tub, spa, or pool. If the house makes up the fourth side of the fence, put an alarm on the access door.
  • Use self-closing or self-latching gates on the safety surround.
  • Use an alarm that sounds if anyone breaches the surface of the water.
  • Make sure that manual covers are secured and that motorized covers are secured and the controls are out of reach of children.
  • Remove the ladder from an above-ground pool to restrict access.

A pool, spa, or hot tub can be an enjoyable addition to your backyard. When you begin the process of purchasing and installing one, do a little homework so that you are in compliance with local laws governing their installation and safety precautions afterward.

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