When selling a home, there are a multitude of factors that can impact the value. Even seemingly minor details such as street numbers or light switch covers can increase the value of a house. However, the undisputed largest influence on the value of your home is its curb appeal. A potential buyer’s reaction to a home is largely determined by their initial view of the house as they first drive up to it. Consequently, ensuring that you maximize your home’s curb appeal will yield the best possible return on investment. When it comes to curb appeal, nothing impacts the appearance of a home more than its exterior finishing.


Many buyers judge the value and desirability of a home by the quality of the exterior siding. If a house has a beautiful and appealing exterior finish, buyers are often willing to overlook other shortcomings, even those that are seemingly major. It is true that replacing or optimizing the siding of a house is not always an inexpensive process. However, any money you invest will certainly be returned to you multiplied.


Beyond the quality of the installation, the materials used for exterior siding have a huge impact on the selling price of a home. Many buyers are steering away from outdated finishing options and instead looking for more modern finishes such as stone or manufactured wood. Mataverde Decking & Siding explains that manufactured wood is fairly low maintenance and may not require refinishing. It is also an extremely cost-effective option for those looking to maximize their selling price.

Don’t Underestimate the Trim

While you are looking into refinishing the siding of your house, don’t neglect to optimize the trim. A slight investment into the window molding and edging of a house can make even a humble home into something special. Don’t be afraid of color. HGTV recommends deliberately selecting colors that both showcase style and create amazing curb appeal. Buyers today avoid cookie-cutter homes that fail to differentiate themselves. Be bold and reap the rewards.

There is a lot to consider when looking to sell a home. Many sellers may get overwhelmed or tempted to simply say “enough is enough” and sell a home as-is. This is a mistake. More than any other factor, ignoring an unattractive exterior finish will hurt the value of your home and ward off potential buyers. Don’t leave money on the table. A value-adding exterior siding renovation may be much more cost-effective than you think.

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