Aside from major home improvements or general repairs, the basic expense of heating and cooling your house is one of the greatest costs of owning a home. There’s not much choice about whether you use your AC in the summer heat or your heater during freezing winter weather. You do, however, have some control over how you use them, and the choices you make can save you money on your heating and cooling bills.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

Your thermostat is the device that dictates the terms to your heating and cooling equipment by telling it what temperature to attain. You can actually save considerable money by simply setting the temperature in your home a little lower in the winter before you go to bed or turning the heat down when you’re away at work. Of course, you would reverse that procedure in the summer. Most people, however, don’t actually perform this function very well on their own. According to United Energy Consultants, the solution is to install a smart thermostat that can be programmed to the optimal settings. It will then make these adjustments automatically, and you can control it from a mobile device.


Another way to save money on heating is by adding insulation to your home. Insulation basically prevents the temperature of the air you’ve spent your hard-earned money either heating or cooling from equalizing with the temperature outdoors. The effectiveness of your insulation is expressed by its R-value. According to Comfort Solutions, the R-value measures the thermal resistance of insulation and is important for saving money both in the winter and in the summer. R-values are determined by material type, thickness, and installed weight per square foot.

More Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling

According to Greenpath, using less energy and saving money on your monthly utility bills can be achieved by making the process of heating and cooling your home more efficient. Accomplishing this isn’t as hard as it might seem. Once you’ve ensured that your home has sufficient insulation, you should also inspect it for air leaks. The best insulation in the world won’t matter if the air you’ve heated or cooled is simply escaping. You can also control the sunlight entering your home to your advantage. Closing curtains keeps it from heating up a room, and opening them admits that warmth. Finally, consider replacing old equipment. Modern air conditioners and heaters are far more energy-efficient than models made just a few years ago.

Unless you live somewhere with year-round balmy weather, heating and cooling your home is a must. Knowing how to keep the costs of this process down can not only conserve energy but also keep more money in your pocket.

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