There is some debate on the advantages and disadvantages of having an agent. On one hand, they cost a hefty bit of commission. On the other hand, they can be very helpful. These are the small but significant ways in which an experienced agent can help you.

Help You Through the Complex Process

Selling is not simple in ninety-nine out of a hundred cases. There is a lot of paperwork that has to be figured out between the buyer, the seller, the banks, and the insurance companies. And that’s just once the sale is being enacted – there’s also the process of hunting for a buyer, of knowing where to look and what’s considered a good offer. There’s the organization of the open house and the necessary repairs. The fact of the matter is that selling a property is complicated. It’s also different for each given situation in each given location. While theoretically possible to do on your own, it’s going to take a lot more time and effort, and you may not get a good deal out of it. The expertise that an agent brings means smooth sailing.

Set the Asking Price

This step of the process can be a delicate one. Set the price too high, and you won’t find any buyers. Set it too low, and you won’t get the amount that you deserve and that you need. An agent, as someone who is intimately familiar and experienced with your precise local market, will know where and how to go about setting the price. They’ll likely know a sensible range that can leave some wiggle room for you to make a choice. They’re also motivated to help you get as much as possible, since they’re often paid by a commissioned percentage of however much the house sells for. The initial asking price is usually just the start of negotiations, and they help through all of it.

Saving Time

With an agent, the selling of a home usually takes around two to three months. Without an agent, on your own, it could take much longer – which could put you in a really difficult position. You do not want to be waiting for months on end for a financial windfall without any certainty of its arrival. An agent will also know which steps are essential, and which ones can be cut for time and simplicity. All in all, working with an agent will take you where you need to go as directly as possible.


Many people report that they feel stressed when selling a house. This is a time to delegate. There’s no reason to burden yourself any more than you already are. So, if in doubt, it really would be best for you to hire an experienced agent to take care of it all.

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