Your home puts up with a lot over time. Outside elements and interior living takes a toll on the life of your home. Regular maintenance is required to fix and prevent extensive issues from permanently damaging your home. Home issues you need to watch out for include fires, plumbing problems, and structural defects.


A house fire does not occur as often as other home incidents. However, the damage that they cause puts them at the top of the list for costly repairs. A house fire can start from cooking, overloading circuits, improperly using a wood stove, neglecting to unplug hot tools, and even old furnaces. Whether you are at home or away, a fire is extremely dangerous. Prevent fires by practicing fire safety: turning off the stove when you are done, keeping flammable materials away from furnaces, and checking outlets before you leave the house. In the event a fire does happen, make sure you have an extinguisher, emergency kit, and escape route easily accessible. 

Plumbing Problems 

Water damage is one of the most expensive repairs that must be done on a home. Water damage is usually caused by plumbing issues. Depending on how long it takes to discover the plumbing problem, the damage to your home could be extensive. Finding water, mold, or soft spots should set off an immediate alarm. Check your appliances, washing machine, and water heaters frequently to avoid water problems. A burst pipe is a plumbing emergency that you need to fix right away. Looking out for plumbing problems is key to preventing water from destroying your home. 

Structural Defects 

A structural defect makes floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes more detrimental to your home’s structure. The integrity of your home relies on a solid foundation during every season of the year to prevent settling. Soil movement surrounding the foundation of a home causes more than 80% of structural defects. When building, it is critical you pick a lot free from expansive or fill soils. This will mitigate the movement your home experiences. Time to time, your home will need foundational repair to maintain the rest of the home’s integrity. 

There are risks every individual takes when owning a home. With the proper insurance, you can protect yourself from extensive damage caused by fires, plumbing, and structural defects. Invest in your home and your future by taking the right precautionary steps.

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