Feeling like it’s about time for some home improvements? It is tempting (and easy!) to put off your home makeover projects for months or even years at a time due to time or financial constraints. However, you may be surprised at the home improvements that are more affordable than ever before! Here are a few examples to consider, and get you exploring how you can give your home a bit of a facelift.

Efficient Appliances

Your appliances require a hefty amount to simply do their job! Today, innovative technologies are being implemented into more and more appliances as an attractive feature—cost efficiency as well as functional efficiency. While that appealing aspect used to add to the value and therefore the price of those updated appliances, now the technology is so accessible that most new appliances will include energy efficiency. This means that you can upgrade your energy-sucking appliances with more efficient ones for the same price as a new “non-efficient” appliance would be.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are another renewable energy resource that will save you money on energy costs in the long run, and are becoming increasingly affordable to purchase and install. In fact, utilizing solar energy to power your home can become a means of valuable tax breaks! Energy efficiency technology often qualifies for “tax credits”, which represent a portion of your spending being subtracted from your overall tax sums. Take advantage of this benefit soon, though! Solar tax credits will begin expiring in 2022 until they are gone completely.

Deep Cleans

Your walls, counters, floors, cabinets and more—all of these surfaces likely have grown dull or dingy after years of use (even with routine manual cleaning.) Spiff them up with a deep clean that will revamp their look to feeling fresh and brand new, without the cost of complete replacement. Shampooed carpets will feel softer, repainted and/or resealed floors and cabinets will look brighter, even scrubbed and touched-up walls will appear overall cleaner and more modern! Your furniture may also benefit from some touching up or refurbishing! Explore your options for one or more projects that your home could use, especially, to feel a little newer itself.

Stop putting off those projects you’ve wanted to take care of for so long! Try any one, or even all, of these kinds of home improvements without breaking the bank and enjoy the fresh feel your home will gain.

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