While not everyone is interested in the tiny house footprint, many are drawn to the design aspects. Design in 2020 will continue to move toward a simpler style of décor, featuring more open spaces around existing pieces. In addition, multi-purpose objects such as storage ottomans will be popular furniture pieces in the coming year. These are a few other popular design trends for 2020.


Cool colors continue to be featured in the designs of 2020. Greys and dark browns will continue to be featured in flooring products. Painted trim in shades of white and pale grey will look clean and sharp against this flooring, and blue-tinted walls will serve as background colors in 2020. Kitchen cabinets will be painted and feature shades from cobalt and navy blue to bright white. Hardware tones are also on the cool side, featuring silvers and nickel colors.


The watchword for material choices is casual and simple. If you need to add a voice to a space with wallpaper, choose something with a soothing nature theme to brighten your home. In addition to nature-themed wallpaper, consider investing in or growing large accent plants, and do what you can to increase the greenery in your home to develop a “back to nature” theme. Casual sophistication in design is expected to be trending, providing a stylish look with the added bonus of comfort. Furniture materials will feature dark leathers, and dark woods will serve as elegant backgrounds for comfy cushions and warm throws. If you’d like the defining effect of a rug or if you just need to warm up the floor above your dark wood planks, go for natural materials that are easy on the earth and that offer a wide range of appeal.


Window treatments will move from simple to nearly non-existent. Keep windows covered with sheers or simple blinds without layers of drapery, valances, and scarves. Make space for plants, and consider adding a plant window shelf so you can grow an indoor garden. Your home will be freshened by the fresh oxygen provided by your garden, and you may even be able to grow your own organic vegetables or enjoy fresh flowers from your own windowsill.

While cool colors and simple design may sound stark, remember that design trends in 2020 call for multiple paintings and photos on every wall of your home. Celebrate your space with images of those you love, and enjoy your home.

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